My body was completely pooped out on Friday both physically and emotionally, so I gave myself the day off of Crossfit.  In order to hit my 5x per week goal for October, I got out of bed to go Saturday and get some work done.  Usually I avoid the Saturday classes because they terrify me.  Coach programs long chippers that typically involve partner work, and I always have this sense of dread that I’m holding back or letting down my partner.

So clearly, I have some issues to get over.

I show up on Saturday to hear that we will be doing “Sally” as our WOD.   YAY!  I have been wanting to try it with a little bit of weight, and when suffering with a group I always do better than I would on my own.

But first…

Warm up:  The usual stuff.

Skill:  Running!  Captain America did a mini running clinic with the group.  As I’m not able to run, I joined a few of my fellow pregnant classmates, and we did a little bike interval workout on the airdyne.


5 minute warm up
30 seconds “on”, 30 seconds rest for 5 rounds

Coach told us to push hard, but not so hard that we felt any lactic acid.  I averaged 19 mph during the intervals and was probably working at 75-80% of my capacity.  Since I ride pretty regularly, I knew how hard I could push here without burning out.  That said, I think the mph is TOTALLY off on those bikes.  Just sayin’.

WOD:  “Sally”
Set to the Moby song “Flowers,” the lyrics of this song are essentially “Bring Sally up, bring Sally down” blah blah blah blah singing singing singing “bring Sally up, bring Sally down…”  so the workout is pretty simple.  Up is up and down is down.  We did it with squats, and having done this on my own with just air squats a few weeks back I had a feeling all that time at the bottom of a squat under tension AND weight would really stink.

I stuck with the bar for the workout, so 33 lbs.

In the end, there isn’t really a score for this workout, but I was happy with how I did.  I missed 4 reps where I had to shake out my legs, but none of them were the reps with the long holds at the bottom.  In hindsight, I could and should have used more weight.

The best part was that the coaches did this workout with us, and watching them do it Rx and just slaughter it was pretty sweet.  Especially their reaction after the last rep.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Coach waddle around quite like that before.

Epic stuff.

Cool down:  1200m row to just get the blood flowing again.  Around 6 minutes.


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