Went to the noon class today as there was no way I was getting out of bed this morning.  Since yesterday ended up being an unplanned rest day, I needed to get my butt to the box to stay on track for my goals for the month.

Warm Up:  The usual, only we did it outside.  The weather is a little overcast and breezy today but as a result it hasn’t made it up into the 90s and feels really pleasant out there.  Fingers crossed this is the beginning of some cooler weather.  It’s been an especially brutal summer here in Florida.

Mobility:  Foam roll IT bands, quads and hammies.  Use double LX ball on calves.  Hamstring stretch with the green band.

8 Deadlift
10 push up
12 pull ups
400m run/500m row

Time: 13:05 @105, ring rows and row

This was SO so fun.  I loved this WOD.

First off, I would usually use 85 on my deadlifts, but after warming up a fast set of 8 unbroken I decided to add on another 20 lbs.  I’m really glad I did.  I need to keep reminding myself that, as I add weight and have new PRs with the lifts, I need to keep increasing the weight in the WOD’s as well.  Monday was a classic example of accidental sandbagging and I’m glad I didn’t do it again today.  I think the weight was darn good, and I might have even gone 10 lbs heavier.  Though admittedly by the last set with the RR and rowing my grip was failing pretty badly.

Everything else went smooth.  I considered doing band assisted pull ups as it is an option and I have been practicing them, but chickened out at the last minute.  I figure if my heart starts racing at the thought of doing them out of fear, it’s not going to help me any in the middle of a workout when my heart is already racing.

Yay for not only getting stronger, but realizing I’m getting stronger.  Always nice to see progress.

9 thoughts on “10.9.2013

  1. I love the idea of bigger weights and making it happen.

    PS, You can do band assisted pullups. Really. I know this. You can. Fear is a liar. And there is nothing to be afraid of. Well, getting your foot caught in the band and nearly falling over backward and killing yourself … maybe. 🙂 But that almost never happens.

    1. Oh my god that’s EXACTLY what I’m afraid of! I keep having these visions of my hands slipping off the bar and my head slamming into the ground with my foot still dangling from the 82 bands it took to haul my big ass up there.

      But yes, you’re right. I am physically capable of doing them, I just need to keep practicing on my own until I have the confidence to get in and out of the bands quickly during a WOD.

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