I’m officially damaged.  The posted workout included OHS and when I saw it I thought “ooh fun!”  What in the…

Warm Up:  The usual stuff.  600m row instead of 500, but otherwise same old.

SWOD: 4×8 OHS from the ground
1×10@33 warm up

I chose to power snatch the bar up for the lift and didn’t have any issues with it.  I feel like I haven’t actually snatched in a really long time, I bet I set a new PR there the next time we do.

These were pretty unremarkable.  I made a big jump in a PR the last time we did these, but for a set of 8 that wasn’t going to happen again.  As per usual for me with longer sets, the first 5 felt great, 6 was wobbly and 7-8 weren’t my best performance.

I did lose my balance on the last rep of my 3rd set and ate it.  Gosh have I mentioned how much I love falling on my butt in the middle of class?

3 minute AMRAP
5 box jumps
Rest 1 minute

Score: 104 @43

This was honestly super fun.  I stayed with the weight I had been lifting at as I knew I could easily work through sets of 5 with it.

I did probably 15 jumps total before my foot starting SCREAMING at me.  Damn it.  I really wanted to be jumpy.  But I switched to step ups and was able to keep moving.

I managed 3 rounds +5 for rounds 1 and 2 and 3 rounds +4 for the last round.  I was really pleased that I was able to keep my pace so consistent.

The only thing I will throw out there is that it takes me a LONG time to be ready to squat once I get that weight overhead.  I feel like I’m tweaking my grip, my wrists, my hands, my shoulders, my feet, my knees… you get the picture, for probably :30 seconds before I’m finally ready to get ass to grass.  Yes, I would prefer not to fall over, but I wish that I could get to a confident place faster so I could smash through more rounds.



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