Extra special workout tonight!  I dropped in on a new box, Crossfit941, to workout with my girl who joined Crossfit with me over a year ago now.   Around the time my box moved to their new location one of the coaches left to open 941, and my friend followed him.  Even though we’ve been WODing at different boxes, we are constantly updating each other on our progress, as Crossfit is something that we each believe we never would have attempted without the other.

I had the privilege of joining in the 5:30 class at Crossfit941 today.  You can my review of the box here, but as per usual, the workout is below.

Warm Up:
Very similar to what I’m used to.  Started with a 500m run (row for me), walking lunges, chair sits, hamstring stretches, hip circles, wrist circles, air squats, burpees and grasshoppers (like a mountain climber but without your feet touching the ground).

We moved on to some mobility and stretching with a PVC pipe.  We also warmed up our overhead position, as well as our muscle cleans before grabbing weight.

SWOD:  Power clean technique work

This piece of the class was far more instructional than what I’m used to, and reminded me a bit of an elements type of class.  That said, I absolutely need the technique work on my cleans, so I appreciated the back to basics approach.

We ran through muscle cleans, warmed up the clean motion, and power cleans.  Following that we warmed up shoulder to overhead and our back squats with the bars, as they would be part of the WOD that evening.

Then we added the weight we wanted to work at for the WOD.


9 hang power clean
6 shoulder to overhead
12 back squat

Score:  12:24 @ 53 lbs

This WOD was AWESOME!!!  I mean, I totally felt like I was going to toss my cookies by the 3rd round, but it was still a great time.

Rx for this workout was 65, and while I knew I could do that weight, I also knew it might end up taking me a long time if I started breaking on the shoulder to overhead.  In the end, I’m really glad I kept it light.  Surprisingly, it was the squats that were killing me!  After the first three rounds my legs just felt like jello and even just holding the back rack my heart rate was out of control.

I want to blame my Whole 30 for this, as I remember how much I struggled the last time, but in reality we don’t do a lot of barbell complexes at my box and it’s also likely that I’m just not conditioned in this way.

Regardless, I loved this workout.  The coaches were motivating the entire time.  It was absolutely helpful that one coach knew me from my box, and the second was a member at that same box previously as well, so they knew exactly how to yell at me and what to say to keep me moving.

And of course, having my girl there made me push even harder.  She is such an inspiration to me and it was great to be able to throw down with her again.

I’m certain I will be back to 941 from time to time.


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