Cha cha cha channnnges

Brace yourselves readers, I’m flexing my technological skills over here and actually creating *gasp* some pages here on the site.  As much as I know you all adore my sarcastic drivel, I thought it might be helpful to categorize my posts for easy accessibility to sarcasm and random commentary, fitness and Crossfit, as well as box reviews and upcoming gear and product reviews.

All the same great content is here, just available through the new and improved menu for your convenience.

Because I realize that sometimes yo yoing between my workouts and my sex talk is just a little *too* much whiplash for the average bear.

I’m totally open for any comments or suggestions for the site, and hope you enjoy the new additions.

Keep reading kittens.  It only gets better from here.

5 thoughts on “Cha cha cha channnnges

    1. Well really, there’s only one difference between brutal workouts and sex. Ok, so maybe two. But really, the grunting, panting, sweating, cursing and screaming “oh God” happens in both. 🙂

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