Product Review: Athleta Printed Bare to Run Knicker

I am always hesitant to order clothing online when I don’t yet own anything from the brand or have a store where I can inspect the pieces for quality and sizing.  That said, the Athleta brand has a great reputation for quality and has been said to rival that of Lululemon, so I decided to give it a go and purchase these capri’s that I’ve had my eye on for a few months now.

At $64 the Athleta Printed Bare to Run Knicker are pricier than what I would typically spend on athletic clothing, but I can enthusiastically say that they are worth the investment.

Source:  Athleta at
Source: Athleta at


These capris are a mid weight fabric infused with some of the best moisture wicking that I’ve ever experienced.  They are soft to the touch, and although they are in a fabulous pattern with a gray background, they didn’t show sweat during a particularly brutal Crossfit workout.

The mix of poly spandex made them breathable, movable and functional for a variety of movement.  The back zippered pocket was the perfect size for storage of a key or even an iphone, so these would transition great into something you would wear for an individual workout as well.

Fashion and Fit:

Obviously, these are cute as heck!  Printed workout leggings and capris are very “in” at the moment, and with the fun pattern in simple gray and black they pair well with any top.  I wore mine with a teal racer back tank for a fun pop of color.

These pants were very true to size based on the size chart provided on Athleta’s website.  I am a solid size 12 on the bottom and found the size Large to be fitted perfectly based on my measurments.  The rise on the waist was just to my belly button, and I appreciated the thick waistband with a thick piece of elastic in it which prevented any digging into my skin or “lopover disease” around my mid-section.


If you’re in the market for a high quality capri that can be worn for a variety of activites ranging from Yoga to running to Crossfit, these are a great investment.

The online website is easy to use, and delivery was as expected based on the shipping option I selected.

I am extremely pleased with this purchase and would not only recommend this product to a friend (obviously), but may buy a second pair in black in the very near future.

**Please note- this product review is simply my personal opinion of this product. I am in no way affiliated with Athleta, nor am I receiving any compensation for publishing this information.

13 thoughts on “Product Review: Athleta Printed Bare to Run Knicker

  1. Ooo I might have to consider Athleta. Anything that eliminates the muffin top! I’ve been looking for some new workout capris since we are nearing winter. I desperately want Lululemon’s but I’m not willing to spend that much yet. For that price, they better last me a lifetime and come with a $50 bill. Plus I’m too intimidated to go into the stores with all the Yoga Barbies…

    1. I own a lot of Lululemon, and now a pair of Athleta. I would say that the Athleta capri’s are very comparable in quality, and in this case less expensive. I do really love these pants.

      That said, Lululemon’s are totally an investment, but I’m not even kidding that I have a pair that I bought 6 years ago, wear and wash at least once a week, and they still look like new. They also come in actual sizes (8, 10, 12) so the fit is very accurate, and you could totally order online and avoid going into the store.

      They also do put items on sale on their site, so keep and eye out and you might save some money.

      1. Of course! I figure there’s so many of us in search of the perfect pair of workout pants, why not post it?

        They also pass the deadlift/squat see thru test. I should probably add that huh?

  2. Really, no crotch sweat seen with the grey pants?! I have grey Gap capri’s that look very similar to the Athleta style above, and I love the fit, but refuse to wear them anymore because of the crotch sweat. Might have to try these.

    1. It was pretty astonishing. I’m not sure how they do it, but I would guess some combo of moisture wicking, spandex and fairy dust. I was really really pleased.

      I’m glad the review was helpful!

  3. Thanks for the review Nicole! My sister has recommended Athleta to me – she loves their workout gear! I was curious as to how the pants would hold up with the sweat, so this is very good to know 🙂 I’m going to invest in a pair or two!

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