My ass isn’t cooperating


My right butt cheek has been twitching for the better part of an hour.

I’ve tried walking around.  I’ve tried doing a few discreet air squats in the rest room.  I even tried sitting on my LX ball to see if I could pressurize the twitch into submission.

No such luck.  That cheek just wants to dance apparently.

I think it’s because today I’m doing something I don’t usually do during the week.  I’m taking a planned rest day from exercise.

I set myself a goal to get to the box 20 times in the month of October, and as of today I’ve been 13 times.  I would say I’m tracking darn well.

That said, I’ve been exceptionally sore this week and made a commitment to volunteer to help to build a playground tomorrow.  The project is slated to take the better part of the day, and I will be expected to pull my weight.  I’m super thankful that I’m strong enough that I won’t need to be a delicate flower and can help to move sand bags and wood and what not (or ya know, whatever you actually do when you build a playground), but wanted to be sure that I was fresh and capable.

So I didn’t work out today.

No Crossfit.  No lunchtime bike ride.  No gym bro sesh.  Nothing.

The most activity I’ve had today is doing my hair.  Well, and walking back and forth to the bathroom 100 times because I drink so much water I really do think I pee every 15 minutes.

And now my butt is twitching.

I know that rest is important to recovery, but someone needs to tell my overactive cheek that.  I guess it could be worse, they could both be twitching.  Oh my God, they could be twitching at different frequencies.  I could be sitting here bouncing around like a have a pogo stick shoved up my bum and I can’t keep my backside firmly planted in my chair no matter what I do.

Note to self:  prep both cheeks for next rest day.  It can always be worse.

7 thoughts on “My ass isn’t cooperating

  1. Mmmm… twitching butt…
    When I get silly muscle twitches (usually my quads or my left pec), I find that relaxing it doesn’t make it go away. A good, long stretch seems to be the answer for me.

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