6 a.m. class to start my birthday off right!  I had sent coach a text on Friday requesting either burpees or Cindy.  He told me I was crazy and there was no effing way we were doing Cindy, but YAY I got my burpees!

Warm Up:  Usual stuff.  There was some talk of me doing birthday burpees while everyone counted for me, but that wasn’t going to fly.  I’m a team effort or none at all kinda girl thank-you-very-much.

SWOD:  Press 5×5
1×10@ 33 warm up
1×5@ 53
3×5@ 63
1×5 @68 PR

YAY!  I have been stuck at 63 lbs forever on my strict press, but no more.  I admit, the last 2 of the last set were hideous, but I’m really happy that I’m building more strength over head.

It’s also amazing how just 5 lbs over head feels like half an elephant when there’s no push in the mix.

3:00 to run 400m (row 500)
Max burpees with remaining time

Score: 20

This WOD made me SO happy.   I wish I could have done the run, but since we all know I love rowing I wasn’t even cranky about my cranky foot.  I kept around a 2:15-2:15 pace for each of the 500s, and kept my burpees each round pretty steady as well.

I really REALLY wanted to do 30, as it’s my 30th birthday today, and might still do 10 when I get home from work tonight just to say I did it.

Here’s to my 30th year of health and happiness.


23 thoughts on “10.21.2013

    1. Thank you! It really was. I had a special several days. I guess that’s one perk of your birthday being on a Monday. You can start celebrating on Friday and no one judges you.

  1. Happy Birthday, and congrats on the PR! Funny, you turned 30 two days after I turned 50–and both our birthdays featured Burpees! (my Burpday tale is at longtracklife.blogspot.com). Weird the things you think are fun after you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while, isn’t it… anyway, enjoy the day!

  2. Happy Happy 30th Birthday! On my 50th b-day the WOD started and ended with 50 double unders in honor of my old bladder! There were 50 burpees in the middle somewhere too! Yay burpees! (Not)

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