Having a birthday on a Monday is actually kind of awesome.  I started celebrating Friday night and didn’t stop until last night after midnight.

The not so awesome part, though, is that I’ve pretty much been drunk since Friday.  Obviously, it’s time to rein it in and get back to the lifestyle that is going to help me accomplish my many goals this year.

And boy do I have some.

Went to the noon class today as I overslept 6 a.m. (on purpose).  I had planned to go after work, but once I saw the WOD I was having such bad anxiety I was in danger of talking myself out of it.  so I decided to just get it over with, and am glad I did.

Deadlift 5×5
Bent over DB Row: 4×8

1×10 RDL @ 33 warm up
1×5@ 83
1×5@ 103

These felt good.  Heavy, as that is very close to my max, but I’m absolutely getting stronger.  I also flipped my grip for the first time today and loved it.

Bent over DB Row:
1×8 @ 20 (woah light)
1×8@ 25 (still stronger than that)
2×8 @ 30

I should have used 35s the whole time.  Having never done this exercise before I did’t know what to expect, but even the 30s were too light.  I’ll know for next time.

WOD:  Fran
Pull Ups

Score: 7:07 @53 with Ring Rows

So I didn’t puke, or die, and was happy to get it over with.  Thrusters still stuck.

That is all.


18 thoughts on “10.22.2013

  1. Thrusters suck hard! Great job. Fran is a bitch! So is Jackie btw, which I did last night. Ugh. I Rx’d the thrusters but needed a thin black band for the pull-ups. One day I’d like to Rx a whole WOD. One day!

    1. I actually kinda liked Jackie. Anything with rowing makes me happy, and those thrusters are light, which is a blessing.

      And if it was just a thin black band, it’ll be one day soon! Nice job!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Most definitely a good excuse to get plastered for three days in a row!
    You’re deadlifting pretty heavy now, nice! Although I have to admit, we work in kilos and I had a panic attack (on your behalf) when i saw your weights but then I figured it out…..slowly…..

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, I’m completely not so smart when it comes to kgs, so I have no real appreciation for how much someone is lifting if they’re not posting it in pounds.

      Would I be more or less awesome if I were doing it in kgs?

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