At the box for 6 a.m., as much as my body didn’t want to be.  I seriously considered calling it a rest day, but was really glad that I went.

Warm Up:  Usual.  Quads are super sore from Fran yesterday.

Mobility:  Use LX ball on your bum cheeks.  Hip and quad stretch with bands.

5 minute AMRAP
20 DU’s
10 slam balls

Rest 1 Minute

5 minute AMRAP
20 DU’s
10 DB snatches

Rest 1 Minute

5 minute AMRAP
20 DU’s
10 lunges (each leg)

Score: 351 with 20 on slam balls and 25 on DB snatch

This was super fun.  I should have use the 25 for slam balls however, and need to remember that next time.  the weight on the DB snatch was perfect.  Challenging after the slam balls, but still do able with good form.

Surprisingly the lunges killed me.  I got 3 reps into my first set and my leg literally gave out and I banged my knee into the ground.


So I shook the legs out, rested a second, and then took each rep slowly letting myself have a second between each.

These were slow going, but I kept moving.

11 thoughts on “10.23.2013

    1. Oh boy. I guess now it’s a good time to say that today’s was actually kind of an easy one. 😀

      I do pretty well with workouts without any heavy barbell work. Something like this that is meant to be light and fast and more “met con” centered (ie cardio) is in my wheelhouse more so than a barbell complex would be.

      I think this is the kind of workout you would probably really enjoy too.

  1. I have a question about lunges… In my classes, when they do walking lunges, they touch their knees to the ground. That doesn’t feel right to me, what do you think?

    1. That is how we do them as well. It should be just a light tap, giving you full range of motion in the movement.

      Remember, keep your “knees out” even in lunges (just like you do with squats) and it will feel more normal.

      1. Anytime!

        I guess I should also add it wasn’t until… eh… maybe 6 weeks ago now that all of a sudden lunges clicked with me.

        I had even blogged at one point about struggling to find my balance and get my knee to touch the ground.

        Right around the time I started really focusing on how my knees were tracking during squats the lunges just happened.

      1. you will! The number one thing i’ve learned that equals glorious DU sweetness is relaxing when you do them…..like relaxing my arms and elbows.

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