The Walking Dead is going to be the death of me.  I was up at 3 a.m. from a super intense zombie nightmare, and couldn’t fall back to sleep as every noise I heard had me convinced that I was about to be nom-ed alive.

I will totally be one of the first to go in a zombie-pocalypse.

So with that, I was wide awake and at Crossfit this morning ready to work.

Warm Up- usual stuff.  My upper back and quads are achey from all the riding I did this weekend.

SWOD: Back Squat 5×3
1×20@ 33 warm up
1×5@ 53 warm up
1×3@ 83
1×3@ 93
1×3@ 103
1×3@ 113 PR
1×1 @ 123 PR

YAY new PR’s!  I feel like I haven’t done back squats in forever, so I knew I would PR with a set of 3.  The 113 was great, and at 123 I had one decent rep and then just got stuck at the bottom.  I could literally feel my core collapse and my knees start to come in and just couldn’t fix it.  I ended up on my butt, but whatever.  2 PR’s in one day!  YAY!

KB swings
DB Push Press

Score: 8:04 @ 25lbs kb and 20 lbs dumbells

This was fun.  My shoulders were screaming during the push presses, but I think I went with the right weight all the way around.  Coach had us set up our KBs at one end of the box and the DBs at the other, so it was nice not to just be standing in one place the whole time.

3 rounds
1 minute plank hold
10 airplanes
10 med ball twists

YAY for midline work.  I really need it, and having it built into the class is hugely beneficial to ensure I actually do it.

I was able to do the first plank hold all the way thru, the second I broke at 40 seconds and the third I broke into two 30 second plank holds.  And I took the skin off my elbows/forearms on these.  Ouch.

Med ball twists were with 14 lbs ball and my feet on the ground.  I find that if I lift my feet I feel it completely in my hip flexors and my right one actually cramps.  Owie.


14 thoughts on “10.28.2013

  1. Haha oh no! Whenever I watch something scary with my boyfriend at night, the requirement is that we watch something funny right after (usually Modern Family). I will not go to bed right after watching scary stuff. Will not.

    Congrats on the PRs!

    1. I’m a huge fraidy cat. In this instance, we had watched LAST week’s episode on our DVR at about 2 in the afternoon… I can’t ever watch it the night that it’s actually on because trying to sleep that close to scary is always bad. I’m such a weenie.

  2. Too cute on the fraidy cat stuff. Nothing scares me, and I even think Walking Dead is boring sometimes! I’m watching and thinking to myself. oh my god, I can’t watch this another minute because I’m falling asleep and isn’t anything exciting going to happen?? LOL!

    Ok. So what’s this midline stuff? I wasn’t there yesterday but I haven’t heard that term before at all so just wondering.

    1. Oh I am SUCH a weenie. I literally can not watch anything that’s scary and realistic. I can usually handle zombies, vampires, werewolf’s, that kind of stuff… but serial killers or movies like Saw (which I’ve never seen but heard the general concept of) forget about it. If it could ever actually happen I can’t see it or else I won’t sleep for months.

      Midline is Crossfit’s way of saying “core” or “abs”. 🙂

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