Pom poms on a Monday

I feel like every weight loss success story I read about starts with a breaking point.  You hear how one day they saw themselves in a photo or something and just snapped, and everything changed.

I feel like I’ve been on a weight loss journey forever.   In truth, it’s really been just over a year since I recommitted myself to caring about myself, my body, to how I look and how I feel.

There have been some high points and low points, and certainly some successes and failures.

While recently I’ve seen some great success in max weights and lifts, I feel like I’m seeing a pretty serious backslide in my weight loss goals.  The number on the scale is consistently going up, and while I would love to say it’s from all the muscle I’m building, that would be a lie.  It’s because my diet has been anything but clean, and I’m paying the price by gaining weight.

This stops today.

I’ve said it a few times over the past week, but wasn’t strong enough to truly commit it to myself.  But I am now.  Today I woke up knowing exactly what I wanted out of today, out of myself, and out of my goals.  Today I woke up ready to accomplish everything that I know I’m capable of.

So I will.  It’s really that simple.


15 thoughts on “Pom poms on a Monday

    1. While I totally get where you’re going here, and I think it’s reasonable for folks at a certain weight, I’m simply not there.

      I’m pretty darn overweight, and legitimately have a considerable amount of fat to lose. On my frame for my height, I could easily shave off 20 lbs, and need to.

      The scale works for me, but I absolutely appreciate the feedback.

      Now if I start blogging about wanting to lop off a leg so that the number on the scale goes down, by all means, lecture me. 🙂

      1. Haha, no leg chopping here. Ok, so lets go with the scale…I did not know the background as you just stated so I apologize. Now, do me a favor and only look at the scale once a weekend. I recommend Sunday, naked, after waking.

        Also, with food, are implementing something to count calories and holding yourself accountable. I use My Fitness Pal and would follow you over there if you choose to get the app. I could use some positive reinforcement myself.

        Back to diet plan, I recommend you lay out a blog putting it out to the whole world your diet strategy. Paleo, Zone, or just eating cleaner.

        We are here for you, consider us an extension of your Box.

      2. Now that I have your permission… 😀 But yes, I agree. I’m not a spastic every-day weigher, my self esteem can’t handle that. I usually do Monday mornings as I feel like it helps keep me accountable through the weekends.

        I am on My Fitness Pal and you’re welcome to track me.

        Thank you so much for the support. Clearly, I need it.

  1. I agree with the comment above. Throw out your scale! They are dumb and don’t mean anything! Measure, whether it’s body fat or actual physical measurements, but don’t listen to your scale!

  2. I’m finishing up the WLC, and the diet/food restrictions were at first quite onerous and then became habit. I cheated rarely and lost the last five pounds I wanted to lose. My son said some guy at his box lost about 40 pounds in the eight weeks. I’m assuming he had a lot to lose. Twenty pounds may seem like a lot – it did for me. My baby sister lost 80 pounds doing Weight Watchers and then gained a bit back and then lost it again and is keeping it off. You know what works for you. I far prefer non-chemical clean eating to the WW program. Mostly what it takes is commitment. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog through the WLC as I’ve seen you go through the psychological changes in how you feel about food simply in the way you write about it. Congrats on the last 5 lbs.

      The amount of weight I want to lose does seem a bit daunting at times, but you’re right, I know what works for me. It’s not all that complicated, and I just need to focus and ask myself if every treat I want is really worth it. I admire how many points you had left at the end of your challenge, and how you really analyzed every treat you had.

      That’s my goal moving forward.

  3. Great post. For me, I know I have to set lots of little goals. If I remember correctly you’re in business – so the theory may be familiar to you in your work life. I try to “benchmark” my goals, including weight loss, with different measurable milestones. When my goals are daunting or lofty, I find that this is a more manageable way to approach them, and it also helps to see little successes along the way.

    Either way – good luck, and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I’m a big fan of little goals and mini rewards along the way.

      The problem is, I want the rewards to be cupcakes. And let’s face it, that’s counterintuitive.

  4. I also have 20 lbs to go after losing 40…it’s seriously like round 3 of 5. Not the home stretch yet, and so tired of all the work I’ve done. I’m trying to hash out my new approach…but I have to have little talks with myself every day or two!

    And yeah, I want the rewards to be cupcakes. Sigh.

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