When my alarm went off this morning hubs was literally draped around me like wrapping paper.  It took some serious panache to untangle myself and not wake him up.  Not to mention determination.  My bed was warm and comfy and the WOD looked like the suck.

But I did it.  because I am awesome.  *insert standing ovation here*

Warm Up:  Usual stuff.  Shoulders are so so tiered and cranky and sore today.  Not only did we have a shoulder heavy WOD yesterday, I got back in the pool for the first time in ages.  Fun stuff having new and different muscles sore.

SWOD:  Superset of
Pendlay Rows 4×6
1×6 @ 73 (too heavy)
2×6@ 63

Single Leg Deadlifts 4×8

Nothing really remarkable to say about either of these.  My shoulders were cooked so I didn’t have much weight on the rows with good form.

The deadlifts I likely could have gone heavier, but I had a really hard time keeping my balance, especially on my right foot, so I keep it light and worked to do them correctly.

WOD: (as written on the white board, I should have taken a pic)
300m row
10 no push up burpee box jumps
10 no orgasm toes to bar
30 DU’s

Time: 18:49 with 60 SU and step ups

This was tons of fun, though took longer than I expected.  That was for two reasons.  One, because I had it in my head that it was a 3 RFT workout (I think it was the 300 and 30 that got me).  During the second round, when I thought I only had one to go, Coach yelled out something about it only being 4 rounds and I was a little disappointed.  The suck of those burpee box jumps was going to have to be repeated twice more.  Not awesome.

But it was.

I did my knees to wherever I could get them (without incident I might add) in sets of 5 and modified to step ups for the box jumps.

The rowing was (obviously) my favorite part.  I comfortably held a 2:09-2:10 pace every round and just sort of used that time to catch my breath.

11 thoughts on “10.29.2013

  1. “But I did it. because I am awesome. *insert standing ovation here*”

    That workout WAS the suck, and we are all awesome for doing it!! :)))

    I was happy to actually box jump a few times – woo hoo! And next time will do the knees to wherever instead of the scale.

    1. I will be really happy when my foot is recovered enough that I can do them without fear of pain. I got thru the SUs fine, but didn’t want to compromise them if I landed funny on a box jump.

      Darn injuries.

      But YES! Next time, do whatever you can hanging from the bar. I called mine “knees pathetically to boobs” for a long time, because that’s what they were. But it’s important to (1) toughen up your hands, (2) work on your grip strength and (3) get the motion of your shoulders in that kipping swing that will eventually help you when you are able to bring your toes up.

      You saw, I do mine in sets of 5 because it’s all I can do, but it’s good practice. 🙂

      1. I have always tried them before but ended up doing more swinging than anything else, but I think after today’s lesson with Josh, I’ll have knees to elbow soon!

        My hands are pretty tough but definitely need to get that grip strength and shoulder strength!!

        We rock no matter what because we show up and suck it 🙂

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