Happy Halloween!

So I got to the box this morning and the lights in the entry way weren’t turned on.  I was the first member there, but Coach’s car was out front.

So I walked in and turned on the lights… and saw this creepy grim reaper like mannequin sitting in the lobby chair.  Ok weird, but whatever.  It’s 5:45 in the morning and I’m still mostly asleep, so I stumble through the lobby to enter the box.

Right as I go to push the door open I hear, “damn it Nicole, you totally aren’t any fun.”

Um, what?

Yeah, the creepy mannequin was COACH.  I’m actually really thankful I was half asleep because had I not been he probably would have scared me so bad that I peed my pants.  He got a few people after that, and it was hilarious.

Between the costumes and the extra fun talk because of them (“Horny” dude was totally the best), this morning’s class was ah-mazing.

Warm Up:  As always, the usual stuff.  Today my hammies and inner thighs are sooooore.  Great ride last night = sore legs today.

SWOD: Push Press 5×3
1×10@ 33 warm up
1×2@93 PR!

I was super excited to push press today, especially for a set of 3.  My last recorded PR is 83 lbs and it’s from a long ass time ago, so I wanted to get some weight on the bar and see what I could get overhead.

Obviously, it went well.  I was super strong through every set, and the 83 just seemed to fly overhead.

At 93 the first rep was perfect, the second ugly and the last I couldn’t get up.  I even re racked and shook out my arms and tried again, and failed.  I think psychologically I was so excited  that I just bonked on the last rep.

Oh well.  I’m still SO happy to have that weight go up.  100 lbs I’m coming for ya!

8 minute AMRAP
1 power clean
5 push ups
2 power cleans
5 push ups
3 power cleans
5 push ups
And so on…

Score: Got completely thru the round of 8 power cleans and 5 push ups with 3 seconds to spare @ 63 lbs

So, I should have used more weight on this one.  The last power clean workout I used 53 and said it was too light, so I thought I was being smart by increasing by 10 lbs.  Not enough.  I easily could have done 10 more.

Otherwise, this was SUPER fun.  The un-scaled version of the WOD was HSPUs instead of push ups, and man I am impressed by those people.  The thought of even kicking up onto the wall scares me so bad I feel like I might pee a little.

One day…


14 thoughts on “10.31.2013

    1. Oh no, that would be terrible. Hubs played one prank on me ONCE and will never do it again because he scared me so bad I actually started crying and then couldn’t get it together to stop. LOL. I’m terrible at being scared.

  1. Sounds like fun–and great job on the PR! I’m heading to the Halloween workout in a few minutes…”Death by Thrusters” sounds scary enough, so I hope no one has any other spooky ideas! As for kicking up to the wall–I did it with no help for the first time in my life a couple weeks ago (at age 49 and 25/26 or something)…I celebrated like I had just set the record for HSPU. Life’s little victories…(and I’m sure you’ll do it soon–you’re certainly strong enough, because my push presses are still, like, 35 pounds or so…)

    1. Death by Thrusters? Ooooh boy. Do that one on an empty stomach for sure.

      Congrats on getting upside down! I’m positive I’m strong enough, it’s more fear than anything else. Baby steps and one day I will conquer them.

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