Overslept this morning and kind of thought I was going to skip Crossfit today until my FUPA ripped through my pants during the workday, convincing me that the workout was necessary.

So I went to 5:30.

Warm Up:  Usual stuff.  Quads are sore from a 38 mile ride I did on Sunday.  I knew it was going to be a rough day from the first pull on the rower.

SWOD:  Split Squat 3×8 each leg

3×8@ 33 lbs

Holy crap these were hard.  Everyone around me was adding weight but there was no way I could.  My form was crap even with just the bar.

Yeah, I realize these are essentially just a lunge, but for some reason just keeping my balance in that split stance had my legs screaming.

Double Tabata
Pull Ups (Ring Rows)
Air Squats

Score: 175

Pretty self explanatory little WOD.  I love tabata, and this one was as fun as I hoped.

Not sure why, but I actually started out really slow.  I only managed 9 squats on the first round, but after that got between 11-13 (usually closer to 13) each round.

Guess maybe my legs just took some convincing?


5 thoughts on “11.4.2013

  1. Alright…ya know how everyone kinda hates me because I LOVE, mad crazy love, burpees? Ya, I kinda hate you you for “love tabata” … But in a good admirable love hate way … I’m jealous acctially

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