Interesting morning at CF.  We changed things up a bit, but it still ended up being a great workout.

Warm up:  I ran I ran I rannnnn!  And man it sucked.  Try not running for 3+ months and then run 400m.  It’s awful.  But the foot felt great, so I didn’t question it.  Rest of the usual stuff.

WOD:  The Bucs Challenge Workout 1

So I signed up for a fitness challenge.  Actually, I signed up to go and do one workout, get eliminated and start drinking by 9 a.m., then go to a football game to watch the shitty ass Bucs lose with all my favorite Crossfit peeps.

But yeah, there’s that workout thing.

So this morning we did a run through of the first workout of the Challenge.  I didn’t actually want to practice it ahead of time, but now that it’s done I’m glad I did.

7 minute AMRAP
40 burpees
100m shuttle run
30 air squats
100m shuttle run
20 push ups
100m shuttle run
max burpees with remaining time

Score:  I made it 12 push ups in.  Frankly, this was WAY farther than I thought I would get.  Fun little WOD.

Cool Down: 800m run

Again, did it with no pain!!!  I mean, other than my lungs feeling like they were going to fly out my chest and splat on the pavement.

So I guess this means I’m back to running.

SWOD: Strict Press 5×3
1×10@ 33 warm up
1×3@ 53

Um, I guess I missed my 5th set?  We were all screwed up this morning, so I’m happy to have gotten any SWOD in at all.

Happy with this weight.  Yeah, I’ve been stuck here forever, but it’s going up easier and easier.


10 thoughts on “11.7.2013

  1. Would have taken me 7 minutes just to do the Burpees … awesome work! Remember you go to the box every morning to kick ass and chew gum ….. and you’re all out of gum!

  2. Good job and so glad you could run both distances and that your lungs stayed inside. I do have a picture of floppy lungs bouncing along the pavement trying to keep up and get back inside but now covered in street dirt and falling leaves. It’s a shame I don’t write fiction with that kind of imagination. 😛

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