Clark Kent never had to deal with this crap

You know how I said I am a superhero?  Kittens, I wasn’t kidding.

Today, powered by nothing but the maximum velocity of my own awesomeness, I RIPPED my derailleur off of my bike frame about 10 seconds into a ride.

I ripped metal from metal with the sheer power of my thighs.

Forget thunder thighs.  These bitches are made of lightning.

broken 1
From the top. It’s not supposed to be just dangling there like that.
broken 2
See that shiny metal part that has never been exposed to the light and therefore doesn’t have the same slick black paintjob? Yeah, that’s where the metal tore away.


11 thoughts on “Clark Kent never had to deal with this crap

  1. Don’t you hate that, not only is it a pain in the ass that it happened but it ruined your ride too. Although it’s better than breaking spokes 4 kilometres from home and having to walk home …

    1. Very true. I was super grateful that it happened seconds after we pushed off. However, not so grateful that there were 10 other cyclists who witnessed it, because it culminated with me eating it HARD while screaming “I’m falling over! I’m falling over!”

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