11.11.2013 Workouts


Full day of training for me today.  I was up when my alarm went off this morning but really had to fight myself to actually get out of bed and get to it.  I even went so far as to get up and pee, and then crawl back into bed with the hubs for a minute.  Once I realized there was no way I was going to fall back to sleep though, I got up.

In hindisight, I’m really glad I did.  I wasn’t at all excited about the origional WOD that was posted last night, but once I got to the box this morning it had changed to one of my favorite hero WOD’s. 

Warm Up:  The usual.  I biked instead of ran and I have no idea why.  Duh, foot feels better Nicole, it’s ok to run now.  I guess I wasn’t awake yet?

SWOD:  Front Rack Step Ups 3×8
1×10 each leg @ 33 “warm up”
2×8 each leg @ 33
1×8 each leg @ 43

Man I effing hate these.  I might actually hate these worse than wall balls.  I’m already klutzy, so lets put me in a position where I’m panting and gasping for air while at the same time choking myself and have me step up and down onto a box that I can’t actually look down and see while holding even more than my already elephanesque weight.

Yeah, that sounds like fun.

Whatever, I did them.  Didn’t fall either.

12 Deadlift
9 hang power clean
6 push press

Time: 11:42 @63 lbs

I went 10 lbs heavier than I did the last time I did this WOD and was glad that I did.  This is always a hard one, but lots of fun too.  And like all hero WOD’s, every time I wondered if I could get away with just not finishing, I pushed a little harder for this guy who gave his all.

Happy Veteran’s Day.


Right after CF I drove over to the gym with the pool for my swim workout for the day.  Frankly, I think wrestling my sweaty post-DT body into the bathing suit should count as a workout in and of itself.

At this point, I’m still just base building on the swim.  It had been some time since I had been in the water, so my workouts are structured as one for speed, one for endurance, and one for drills each week.

Today was speed.

300 warm up
+ 200 steady for a total set of 500 (still flushing some latic acid from the workout so kept the pace gradually building thru last 200)

2×500 with 50 sprint/50 recovery.  2 minutes rest between sets

Took about 40 minutes total.  Man I’ve become SO slow.


Lunch ride with work crew.  I brought the tri-bike today but didn’t ride down on the aerobars at all as it’s not safe to do in the paceline.  Not being able to be down on the bars makes for one uncomfortable ass ride, I’ll tell ya that.

Regardless, it was great.  Slight wind from the east so the way out was tough, but the tailwind was glorious and we had a great sprint as well.  A newer cyclist joined us today too and did so great!  It’s exciting to see someone learn and grow.  I wonder if the people who encouraged me to get back on my bike a year ago feel that way about me?

12 miles in around 48 minutes.  Good stuff.

11 thoughts on “11.11.2013 Workouts

  1. Haha I was just talking to my boyfriend last night about how good decisions are not made in bed in the early AM. I did NOT want to run on Sunday. As I laid in bed, I tried to tell myself that I would run after a birthday celebration for my friend. But I finally got out of bed, moved around a bit, and made the right decision to run.

    1. Good for you! My hubs is always both comatose and cuddly when I try to get up in the morning. So I’ll be scooting out of bed and he’ll wrap his arm around me, nuzzle my neck and say something adorable like “smells like rainbows and pancakes… mmm stayyyyy.” He makes it extra difficult. I wuv him. 😀

      1. Well his snooze button habits (ie, his alarm starts going off around 6:15 but he doesn’t actually get out of bed until 7) make it easier. For as cute as he is at 5:15, I know if I stay I will want to kill him within an hour.

  2. Front rack step-ups? That just sounds brutal. I’d totally be afraid I’d fall. OMGosh, I hope we don’t have to do those anytime soon. He has been hitting us hard with the wall climbs though so maybe these wouldn’t’ be so bad?!?!? LOL!

    1. We’ve only done them maybe 4 times the entire time I’ve been doing CF. They are God awful. I don’t want to be choked while working out. And I REALLY don’t want to be the one doing the choking.

    1. Thanks! I’m lucky that, at this point, the swims and rides are still pretty short and easy so it’s totally possible to still cram CF in there. I have a feeling that will change as everything gets longer and more intense.

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