11.12.2013 Workouts


The alarm went off this morning and I turned it off, got right out of bed, and went straight to Crossfit.

At least, that’s what I dreamt that I did.  In fact, I turned it off and dozed back off for 15 minutes before I sat bolt upright in bed and realized I had fallen back to sleep.

I ended up 5 minutes late, and I hate being late SO much (pet peeve of mine) that I almost considered not going.  But once I was in the parking lot I didn’t have much of a choice.

Coach was actually pretty cool about it, no burpee punishment or anything like that.  The only thing I missed was the warm up lap.

Warm up:  The usual.  I did a minute on the airdyne and then jumped in with everyone else.

SWOD:  Jerk Technique
2×3 @ 33
3×3@ 53

The point of today was to really work on our split jerk technique.  Getting under the bar and being stable while we’re there.

This actually went really well for me.  I used to have a lot of issues getting low enough, but not so much anymore.  I do need to concentrate to get my feet wide enough when I split though, otherwise I get wobbly.

Coach let it slip that tomorrow are 1 RM clean and jerks.  We rarely do 1 RM anything, so I’m going to try to change around my schedule so that I can go in the morning.  I know I can clean 85, and I know I can get it overhead… I wonder if I can do more?

Push Ups
Toes to bar
Back Squat

Score: 11:24 @ k2e and 53 lbs

I really REALLY didn’t want to use weight on this workout.  My legs are already a bit sore this week, but after debating with myself up until about a minute before we started the WOD, I went ahead and added 10s to each side.

In hindsight I’m glad I did.   It was challenging, but not so much so that I struggled in a way I didn’t expect.  I know not every day will be a PR, and that it’s important to push myself, but I’m still working on understanding my body to know just how far I can push before things start getting cranky.


Again immediately following Crossfit I went to the gym for some quality time in the chlorine.

Apparently, they are having some issues with the sauna and it smelled like something literally DIED in there.  Honestly, every time I went to breathe it smelled and tasted like I was sucking on a moldy pee covered penny.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the “issue” they were having with the sauna was that someone peed in it.

Ew.  So gross.  People are so gross.

Anyway, the swim today was supposed to be an endurance workout.  And it technically was, though I couldn’t bring myself to actually stop swimming and breathe with my head above water for any significant amount of time so it ended up:

1x1500m in about 30 minutes

Yeah, no sets or anything.  Lame.

Here’s hoping they have that fixed tomorrow!


Not sure how my day is going to go today and I may not have time to update this but I wanted to log the run I have planned over lunch as I pinky promise I will do it.

It should come out to be around 1.7 miles in about 20-25 minutes.  The plan is to just run a quick lap around the business park where I work.  Since I’ve only recently started running again, I want to keep them sort and easy to get my body used to it.  Obviously, coming from zero mileage base at the moment, this means 2-3 miles at a time tops.

18 thoughts on “11.12.2013 Workouts

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you are doing all that!

    OAN, what’s 1RM? I’m only doing MWF so I’ll be there tomorrow, whatever it is!

    1. It’s a one rep max. We rarely do them, but they are ALWAYS fun. The last time we did them was for DL’s and I beat my last PR by almost 30 lbs.

      We also don’t usually jerk a lot, so it’ll be fun to see how much you can get overhead. 🙂

  2. Look at you crossfittin and getting in the tri training … excellent!!! I have yet to swim or go to track practice or pump up my tires on my bike (that I am staring at now).

  3. Man, you’re kind of a beast! Oh wait, I keep forgetting you’re a superhero. That explains it. And THANK YOU! Finally someone else who thinks being late is horrible! I’m fairly certain my friends don’t have a concept of time. They are ALWAYS late, and I never say anything. I secretly scream in my head that it’s rude though…

    1. My husband is the WORST. I swear, he thinks that everything is “five minutes away” when it’s really fifteen. And then we leave when we’re SUPPOSED TO BE THERE and somehow in his head he still believes we will make it on time.

      This is why I drink.

  4. feeling coach won’t do that though) I will find my mojo. In the meantime, can I get an ounce of your energy?! Holy man, girl – you are amazing!! That’s serious hard work and dedication you got going on

    1. Well thanks! I honestly haven’t had a real true goal that I’ve been super excited about in a long time. The last time I raced was years ago, and hubs has recently reminded me how dedicated I was then, as every minute of every training session would = how I performed the day of the race. I guess it’s easy to forget things about ourselves, like what motivates us most.

      Mayyyyybe that’s what you need? Perhaps a weightlifting or CF competition needs to be in your spring/summer plans? I know that the Open and Regionals are on the backburner for now, but there’s no reason you couldn’t work towards a smaller local event?

  5. Em…Super Woman! How cool would it be if you woke up one morning and could actually fly??? You would NEVER be late for CF! I leave ridiculously early for my classes cos we have to do 5 burpees for every minute we are late and NO WAY am I doing that!

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