11.14.2013 Workouts


Headed to the 5:30 p.m. class today as hubs is working late so there’s no need for me to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to get it done.

SWOD: Clean and Jerk 1 RM

YAY!  We NEVER do 1 RM of anything, so I was excited for this.  Previous best for a set of 3 was 73 lbs…

Warm up:
1×10 clean pass thrus @ 33
1×5 strict press @ 33
1×10 front squat @ 33

1×3@ 53
1×1 @ 63
1×1@ 83 (power clean) PR
1×1@93 (power clean and push jerk) PR

I was pretty darn happy with this.  My split jerk got ugly at 83 so I changed to a push jerk for the attempt at 93.  I also lost my squat at 83.  It’s amazing to me that I can power clean more than I can squat clean.  That’s totally backwards.  I also think I could have jerked 10 more lbs pretty easily (the 93 went up easy), but there’s no way I could have cleaned it.

I’m clearly damaged.  I should NOT be able to get more weight over head than I can clean.  Seems to me like I’ve got a lot of work to do on my technique, specifically how I catch in a squat, before I can improve this lift much more.

10 minute AMRAP
12 burpee broad jumps
12 OH walking lunges @ 25lbs
12 hollow rocks

Score: 2+20 Rx

YAY!  I love  when I’m actually able to go Rx.  Truthfully, I didn’t want to.  I had my eye on the 15 lbs plate but a few of the other awesome ladies in class gave me a push so I grabbed at 25.  Made for some hard ass walking lunges though.  Man.  I actually had my left leg give out on one causing my right knee to slam into the ground hard.  It’s funny, because as it was happening my first thought was “damn it my knee just came in!”  At least I realize when my form is compromised.

My score was stupidly low, but I kept moving.  That’s what’s important.


I had a planned lunch ride on the tri bike by myself, but with the 15-20 mph winds I really REALLY didn’t want to go.  They were coming out of the NE, meaning about 2/3 of my usual route would be into the wind and just god awful.

Rather than skip the ride, I improvised.  I mapped out a 2.5 mile route in the office park where I work, and rode it 4x.  granted, it was a bit boring, but because it was a small loop, it meant that I was never pedaling directly into the wind for more than a few minutes.

This ended up being a great plan.  The crosswinds were tricky, the headwind was pretty awful, but the tail wind was fantastic.  It went something like: Miserable miserable miserable, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME for the whole duration of the ride.

In the end, I forgot to start my timer so I’m not sure how long it took. I would guesstimate about 40 minutes and 10.4 miles.  I was down on my aerobars the entire time except at the 2 stop signs each loop.

Done and done.

9 thoughts on “11.14.2013 Workouts

  1. Lots of PR’s .. congrats! (clap clap). If you’re damaged then so am I .. I can clean more than I can comfortably squat and I can press overhead 15lbs more than I can clean! Baffling to me too! 🙂

    1. Well at least I’m not alone. As of yesterday I can officially press what I can clean, but there was a 20 lbs deficit before that.

      I think I really don’t like falling on my butt but don’t mind the thought of weight crashing down on my face. Yeah, that must be it…

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