The flu is not like pie, no one wants a second helping

Being sick is psychologically exhausting.

When I first got the flu three weeks ago, I still managed to keep my chin up and focus on getting well. I wanted to get back to Crossfit, to riding my bike, and to feeling well enough to cram everything into life.
But that was 3 weeks ago kittens. While I had a slight reprieve in feeing like I might die at any minute last week, yesterday I spiked yet another 102 fever complete with a hacking cough and the chills and sweats.

The first flu was incredible sinus congestion and an upset stomach, so I’m sure I’m not relapsing, but instead have caught another strain of the virus.

I know I should go to the doctor, but I also know it’ll cost me $100 and there’s nothing they can do.

Compound that with the fact that I am completely out of sick days, so even with my fever and the corresponding delirium, I’m at work today.
Long story short, I’m damn miserable. My chin is nowhere near up. In fact, I’m not certain it’s still attached.

Over the past few days I’ve considered quitting Crossfit, my job, and just life in general. All I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep until I feel better and then figure out a way to never get this sick again.
Three weeks is a LONG time to be miserable folks. I’m not sure how people who live in chronic pain are able to do it. I wouldn’t be strong enough. Three weeks of phlegm and I’m ready to off myself.


23 thoughts on “The flu is not like pie, no one wants a second helping

  1. I’m sorry it is going on so long!!! I know how you feel. I really, really do. In 2008 I was so sick for over a month I couldn’t get out of bed. So I definitely sympathize.
    I sure as hell hope you kick it soon.

    1. Thanks Kelly! Is it crazy that more than anything I’m missing the killer WOD’s this week? Seeing everyone post about how hard they are and how sore they are makes me stir crazy!

      How have your workouts been going?

      1. Great!! I PR’d my back squat and killed the Turkish Get Ups. It has been really fun and I;m sore all the time so I don’t know what everyone is bitching about HAHAHA nothing new here! We did a bunch of benchmarks recently, too. Can’t wait to see what’s up for tomorrow!

    1. Yeah, it’s insane how expensive it is. Yesterday (between the doc and then a trip to the emergency room because of a blood test result) was over $1000 day out of pocket… and there will be bills to follow. Rat bastards. I want to live in a society where the doctors only get paid if everyone is healthy. 🙂

  2. 😦 I’m sorry you’re still sick! That sounds absolutely dreadful. I hope you get well soon! I know exactly how you feel, and how the added stress of work just makes it worse. When I was in high school, I got sick for an entire quarter and had to be homeschooled and take junior college classes after I was better. I had to do it just so I could finish my junior year of high school and then return in for my senior year.

    1. AND that I can’t drink or eat chocolate. (They put me on steroids, and they do bad things to blood sugar.) At least if I could be drunk and on a sugar high this might be tolerable. 😀

  3. Booo! Damn flu! Sorry it’s been going on so long! It can only get better, right? And crossfit and tri will be waiting for you .. you just can’t quit that stuff .. it will hunt you down and haunt you! 🙂 Hope you get some relief soon!

      1. I hope you are MIA because of holidays and not still miserably sick…either way, we need you to come back soon! And if you are still sick, well, I’m worried about you (and imagine me punching you in the arm to avoid an awkward emotional moment)

  4. Keep up the fluids, rigidly take the fever reducers even when you feel better, sip mint or ginger tea, get cola syrup (ask at the pharmacy; it’s awesome for nausea), rest up, and most importantly, get well!

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