What happens in Vegas…

I would absolutely love to update ya’ll on the past week, but sadly for you, I rang in the New Year in Vegas.

And you know what they say about Vegas.

So apparently, I can’t talk about it.

Or at least, I can’t talk about the “fun” parts of it.

Ok screw that, it isn’t how I roll.  Truth is, I have three opened suitcases laying on the floor in my living room with clothes spilling out of them, I can’t find half my toiletries, and my jet lag is pretty darn intense causing me to stay up until 3 a.m. and not wake up until 11 the past two days.

So basically, I’m all screwed up.

Once I get myself sorted out, however, I’ve got great stories including one about a UFC fight, the best Greek food I’ve ever eaten, some interesting folks we met at a blackjack table, and shopping!  Let’s just say there was a little blue bag from Tiffany’s that made its way home with me.

So stay tuned.  Lots of entertainment to come!

And Happy New Year to all!

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