My legs… my LEGS

Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to do “Barbara” after over a month away from Crossfit?

That was Friday.  Today is Tuesday and I am just now able to stand up and sit down without literally needing to use my arms to balance the majority of the weight.  My quads are STILL screaming at me, and I honestly think I should probably avoid squatting for another day or two yet.

I’ve done two EASY 30 minute rides, a lot of foam rolling and stretching, and am still not normal human again.

I wish I were exaggerating.  Yesterday I went to the grocery store and was asked three times by random strangers if I had “hurt myself” or “twisted my ankle” because of the way I was walking.

So yeah, clearly I’ve lost some fitness.

I want to go to CF tonight, but it’s going to be an easy does it workout for sure.

How’s everyone’s New Year’s goals going?

11 thoughts on “My legs… my LEGS

  1. I wouldn’t look at it that your fitness level has degraded. Over your month off, your muscles had a chance to entirely rest up and recharge. When you hit “Barbara” again, you likely went after it full force and not the same way you would if it was WOD 4 out of a 5 WOD week.

    Just a thought. Not necessarily exactly what happened, but it’s not always about fitness loss.

  2. hehehe… You said you did Barbara…
    My legs get the same way. Squats are the DEVIL!!! Takes days to feel better, doesn’t it? The only thing I find that releaves a bit of the pain is a nice hot bath. Even that is only temporary.

  3. I haven’t done any Crossfit training before, but Monday I completed a Crossfitesque session with a squat and deadlift EMOM (after the same for cardio) and I felt like I needed a wheelchair yesterday. Fingers crossed your good to go again ASAP!

      1. I keep hearing that. I may just have to give in and purchase one for myself as treat for all the hard work I’m doing. That’s justification enough right….?

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