1.11.2014 Workouts

I just realized I’ve been still dating stuff 2013 haven’t I?  Man, need to get with it.

Proud of myself for clawing my way out of bed on Saturday and going to the class.  I usually avoid Saturday’s like the plague because sometimes they’re some sort of crazy hard partner workout and public puking isn’t really my thing, but in an effort to keep with my motivation for the week, I went.

I’m glad I did.

Warm Up:  Usual stuff.  This is a huge class so it’s always fun to see people I haven’t seen in forever.

WOD:  20 minute row

4000m in 21 minutes

The goal for today was just to go slow and steady and break up the lactic acid from the workout on Friday.  I was grateful for it.  The class actually did a 2.5 mile run, but since I’m not running at the moment, I just pulled the rower outside and did a nice steady state row.

This was probably the easiest pace I could manage without falling asleep.  I could have done this all day.

Good stuff.


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