1.21.2014 Workouts

Feeling a little sore, but it feels good to be back in the swing of things.

SWOD: Press 5×5 (33, 53, 53, 58, 58, 58)

The last two sets were really tough, almost didn’t make the last rep of the last set.  I am, however, pretty pleased to see I haven’t lost much strength on this lift.  This is about where I was at before my hiatus on the longer sets.

Run (row) 400
12 sit ups
24 DUs (or 2 bupees and 24 SUs)

Time: 16:49 with row and SU’s

This was fun.  I actually really like these types of WOD’s where the name of the game is just to keep moving.  

Now if I could just get double unders….

30 minutes on the spin bike at a steady pace.

Met Blondie at the gym for a quick workout in the afternoon.  We did a 20 minute circuit of:

4 Rounds
:45 seconds on :15 seconds rest

DB Thrusters
DB back fly
DB lunges with biceps curl
Plank with side twists
High Knees

Then we followed it with a quick core circuit of:
10 opposite hand to foot crunches each leg
10 db twists
10 super mans 

2 rounds

It was a fun little workout and a nice compliment to Crossfit.

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