Apparently I shouted “NO REP” in my sleep last night

Guess what blog-o-verse?!  The CROSSFIT OPEN is only something like 37 days away.  

If you’re a Crossfitter, you know what this means.  And chances are you’ve been practicing your DU’s and T2B with a vengeance because you know we will be punished with a 444 minute AMRAP of them both (or something equally as sadistic) in just a few short weeks.

If you’re NOT a Crossfiter, here’s my explanation:

So the Crossfit games are like the Crossfit Olympics.  You might have seen them on ESPN.  Good stuff.  In order to get to the Games you have to compete in the Open, qualify for Regionals, and then the top 3 men and women from each region go to the Games.  It’s pretty standard stuff.  But here’s the cool part… literally ANYONE can register for the Crossfit Open.  It’s $25, you do it online, and can get a chance to get to what is basically the Crossfit Olympics.

This is cool stuff people.  This is a really unique model of competition, and I’m excited to be a part of it again this year.

As the sport has continued to grow, the Crossfit powers that be continue to tweak the way they do things in the Open, since it has the potential to be a logistical nightmare determining who the best of the best are in each region, and having a fair Regional competition.

This year they have added some rules around how athletes will advance.  Most of us just do it to do it, and have fun competing and sweating with others at our boxes.  But the best of the best who think they may have a run at regionals will need to submit a video of their workout each week, as well as be judged by a certified Crossfit judge.

And now we get to my sleep talking.

I want to be a judge.  Not only do I think it will be super cool to get to watch the top athletes at my box give it all they’ve got for a shot to go to Regionals in the workouts, but I’m one of those nerds who really wants to see the brand and reputation of this sport grow as it grows nationwide, and I can totally get behind enforced judging standards and accountability.  Not to mention, IF we do have an individual or a team go to Regionals, I am TOTALLY going to be there, and as a certified judge I could volunteer to judge while there.  How AWESOME would that be?!

So I’m taking the course online. 

And dreaming about it.  Last night, I yelled “NO REP” at one of the monsters at my box and he throat punched me.  In my dream of course.

Maybe I’m having second thoughts…

If you’re interested in becoming a judge for the open, check out the link here:


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