Have you tried Fabletics yet?

I’m a sucker for great workout clothes.   Actually sucker is probably not a strong enough word, I’m a complete workout apparel whore.  Seeing as I’m at the box daily and doing workouts on top of those sessions, I go through a lot of spandex in a given week.  I’m always looking for brands that are both high quality and affordable, and as I’ve reviewed here before, Fabletics has some great stuff.

Almost as enticing as the great style, selection and quality of their products are the awesome price point AND rewards program they have.

For around $50 you can get a complete outfit, including 2-3 pieces.  First time buyers also get a 50% off discount, so really you can’t lose trying it out for just $25.

Additionally, you earn rewards points for every piece you purchase and review, and at 1000 points (which doesn’t take long if you love this stuff like I do!) you get a free outfit.

In fact, I JUST received this beauty today in the mail for FREEEEEEE (no shipping, no tax, nothing), because I had earned enough points!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.55.41 AM


Ready to give it a try?  Check it out at Fabletics (my referral link, another great way to earn points), and let me know if you have any questions!  At this point I own 6 pairs of capris, pants and shorts, 4 sports bras and 6 different tops from them.  Generally they fit very true to the sizes on their size charts, are great quality, and exactly as described.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

7 thoughts on “Have you tried Fabletics yet?

  1. Just got my 2nd outfit from them – I love their stuff! To me it is just as good as those much more expensive brands that I can’t afford, I am thrilled. Can you see the link? I love the shorts so much I want them in every color.
    BTW, do you want the headband? I will never use it.

    1. LOVE! I don’t do shorts with my thunder thighs, but I love that print. Is the top as cute as it looks in this photo? I was *thisclose* to ordering the green one instead of the camo outfit.

      Thanks for the offer on the headband, but I’ll never use it either. They don’t say in my hair.

      1. It’s super cute. I only wear shorts unless it’s 45 degrees LOL. Will for sure be buying more shorts.
        The bra part of the top is a tad tight, but definitely still wearable. I highly recommend getting the top if they still have it.

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