Cha cha cha changes…

I think I accidentally took a ride in the Back to the Future car and didn’t even realize it.  Apparently, the last time I posted was darn near a month ago.  The lack of posting isn’t lack of material, but more because I’m actually more busy now a days than I was while working, and find myself not in front of a computer very often.

Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

Lots has changed in the past month, probably the greatest of which is that I am no longer doing Crossfit.

I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Truth be told, there are a few reasons why, all of which are kind of personal and I don’t really want to throw out onto the interwebz for speculation.  I think I can suffice it to say that it was/is the right decision for me right now, and I’m good with it.

Not to worry though, this doesn’t mean that I quit working out all together and am letting myself dissolve into a giant puddle of Jabba the Hut.  I’ve hooked up with an amazing coach, Colleen Gallagher over at who has put together the programming I’ve been following for the past three weeks.  It’s really different from Crossfit, but I’m actually seeing some really great results.  I think my body might have been ready for a little change of pace, and this has turned into a blessing in disguise.

Probably the best side effect of this new training is that I’m spending an hour or so a day at my local Globo Gym, where the people watching is top notch.

So my readers, stay tuned in coming weeks for details on my workouts, progress reports, and of course hilarious stories from the world of quarter squats and old men in speedos.

Happy hump day!


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