Here’s a bit of brilliant advice for you

If you stub your toe so hard that you see spots, unicorns, and penguins dancing in your vision, and let loose a string of curse words that may or may not even have been invented yet, it is likely not a good idea to put a band aid on it and just go to the gym.

Especially if it’s a day where you plan to run hill intervals and do legs.

By the time I got home my ring toe (is that even a thing?) was as large as my big toe.  My shoe was literally full of toe.  Talk about a weird, and kinda painful sensation.

I mean sure, I was physically capable of getting through the workout.  But this isn’t the zombie-pocolypse kittens.  There’s no reason to run with a broken toe.  I don’t need the excuse to drink Vodka.  I do just fine on my own.

3 thoughts on “Here’s a bit of brilliant advice for you

  1. Sorry bout the toe, but I’m focused on the vodka! LOL! But really, have you ever tried Tito’s? Or Deep Eddy Ruby Red? You’re welcome! I make it sound like I’m a big drinker, but I’m not, I just know what I like! 🙂 Seriously though, good luck with the toe bone.

    1. I like Tito’s, but I’m not familiar with Deep Eddy Ruby Red. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the “Bakon” brand. It’s bacon flavored, and actually pretty damn awesome. I’m a bloody mary whore and it’s the perfect compliment. If I’m drinking it just on the rocks or with a splash of soda I really like Russian Standard Platinum. I like vodka that tastes like sweaty Russian men. Uh, I mean…

      1. bawhahaha! ew.
        Bacon though… hmmm. Not a bloody mary fan though. Deep Eddy (like Titos) is a local Austin Vodka. It might not be available all over yet, but dear sweet vodka gods, it’s great. I like a splash of OJ in my ruby red. She is a cruel mistress, could take it straight. But, you feel it if you do. Hard to drink responsibly with Ruby around. 🙂

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