Workout Wednesdays

Keeping with the same theme from my Meal Prep Monday’s post earlier this week, today I dedicate some words to everyone asking what I’m doing at the gym now that I’m no longer in Crossfit.  Other than laughing at the absolute absurdity of at least half of the people there that is.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I’ve enlisted the help of coach extrodinaire Colleen Ghallager of to point me in the right direction with programming.  If left to my own devices I would probably end up squatting heavy every day, so it’s good that I have someone to keep me from *only* ever doing leg day.

I won’t give away Colleen’s secret sauce that she developed just for me based on my goals and current fitness level, but it’s easy enough to give ya’ll a basic breakdown of how she’s structured my plan for maximum fat loss and fitness gains.

My workout week looks something like this:

Mondays:  30 minutes steady state cardio + Legs with a quad focus
Tuesdays: 30 minutes steady state cardio + Back and biceps
Wednesdays:  30ish minutes of HIIT (i.e., oh god oh god I’m gonna die for a solid 30 minutes) + Yoga
Thursdays:  35 minutes of intervals on the elliptical (or the rower if I’m feeling froggy) + shoulders and core
Fridays:  Legs with a hamstring focus
Saturday: 35 minutes on the step mill + Chest and triceps

The strength sessions themselves are very Crossfitesque, usually broken into supersets or circuits that I do multiple rounds of with a small amount of rest.  There are also a few select heavy lifts that are included as well.

I’m usually in and out of the gym in an hour to an hour and a half depending on the day and how much exactly I’m trying to kill myself.

Granted, every. single. time. I have to do cardio I complain loudly to myself (or anyone else who happens to be listening to the crazy woman talking to herself on the treadmill), but I’ve gotta admit I’m seeing results.  Not only the weightloss, but fitness improvements as well.

What about you guys?  What does your workout week look like?  Do you do a similar body split or something different entirely?


8 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays

  1. Hi! We miss you at the box, and I miss your box stories but the globo gym ones are just as entertaining.
    I have to ask, and if you want to answer elsewhere, I understand, but why did you stop CF in favor of globo gym workouts? And it sounds like you a re seeing much better results, is that correct?
    I am a member of a regular gym, too, and am going to start splitting my days between CF & the gym, doing something similar to your workout but not as much cardio (I get enough of that at CF!) If I thought I was even remotely disciplined enough to go on my own, I would just do what you are doing, but I still need the group push.
    Anyway, I am very curious/interested in your motivations & results – thanks!

    1. Hey Kelly! I miss you guys too. I’m going to pop into the in house competition next month to say hi and catch up with everyone.

      I don’t mind answering here, as long as you’re ok with my not going into a ton of details. 🙂 The short version is that I just needed to take a break from CF both physically and financially for a bit. I didn’t exactly WANT to go to Globo Gym over CF, but it was better than not doing anything for the next few months.

      While I admit that I’m seeing really great results right now, I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m seeing anything “better” than what I could have seen at CF. I believe that the success I’m seeing at the moment is 90% due to my actually cleaning up my diet, not drinking, and not eating junk at all.

      That said, my body tends to respond better (in regards to my weightless efforts) with a bit more cardio, and I honestly thought that I wasn’t getting enough at CF. The 5-15 minute WOD’s just weren’t enough for me, so I think of anything I’ve added, the 4x per week dedicated cardio sessions have really made the difference.

      Hope that’s helpful. 🙂 I would really recommend talking to one of the coaches if you’re not seeing the results that you want at the moment and getting their feedback on what you could do to improve. I was working with Lee Ann before I left and actually had started moving in the right direction with the addition of her recommendations (more cardio.)

      1. Thanks so much, Nicole, I appreciate your answer! After reading it, I am sure I would see better results if I ate better and did more cardio, too, as much as I HATE cardio (and as much as I like to eat things I shouldn’t….)

    1. If we’re talking just hopping on the treadmill to run/jog at the same pace for X amount of time, I hate it too. Though I’ve got to admit, I’m really loving my treadmill interval workouts I’ve been doing for the past month. One, because it’s 100 damn degrees outside and I can’t run in the heat without feeling ill, and two, because they’re fun variety.

      I’ll post one here in a sec if you want some ideas to spice it up a bit! 🙂

  2. Sounds good! I am also giving XF a miss this month for money (or total lack of) reasons and have been doing hardcore HIIT circuits plus spinning and running, have to say I am noticing a difference. Next month Ill go back to XF but also keep with everything else too cos I am really loving it.

    I HATE the treadmill but it is 35 degrees here just now so running outside (which I love) is out for another month….sad face.

    1. I’ve noticed I’m not the only one giving CF a break right now. There’s a few folks around my way who are taking the summer off a well… probably because it’s so bloody freaking hot and there’s no AC at the box. I think it’s always good to mix it up a bit, and I’m glad you’re seeing good results too!

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