Fat Isn’t a Feeling


Yesterday in a moment of needing a personal pep talk I wrote this post about body confidence.  I’ve got to tell you guys, some of the comments, emails and feedback I received have darn near moved me to tears.  But it’s reassuring as hell to know that I’m not alone.

One of my most brilliant and beautiful friends from all the way back in high school left this comment on Facebook:

I’ve spent years in and thousands of dollars on therapy to try to understand that fat is not actually a feeling.

How true that is.  And wow did that resonate with me.

We all have those days when we wake up feeling like we’re stuffed into a sausage casing that is too darn tight.  And I know that we’ve all looked into the mirror and been far too critical of lines, lumps, bumps and “fat” that we see.

I know we can’t just turn off the negative voices in our heads, but recognizing what we’re doing to ourselves is a step in the right direction.


My wish for all of you is to look in the mirror today and see what the person who loves you most sees when they look at you.  I would give anything to be able to see myself through hubs eyes… though it would probably lead to my walking around naked permanently.  But today I’m going to appreciate the things I know that he does, and ignore all the flaws that I’m so critical of that he doesn’t even see.

Let’s do this together ya’ll.  Let’s change the way we see ourselves because really, we’re all pretty damn beautiful.


7 thoughts on “Fat Isn’t a Feeling

  1. This is too true. Thanks for the reminder. I call myself Fatness Everdeen and Fatty McFatterson a lot (boy you can get really creative when you want to berate yourself, lol) but I find it drives me. I wish it didn’t but it does. Looking for a place in the middle, you know?

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Finding a middle ground is absolutely important. Just do yourself a favor and for every negative thing you say, find one positive one to say as well. For a long time I used to say I was trying not to be a fat jiggly walrus anymore, but recently I’ve started saying I want to be a fit bitch. Just that little mentality change has really helped me to look at myself and my body in a new way. 🙂

      1. Magnificent. I have so much more to lose. I mean, I’ve lost 115 already but I have a metric fuckton of fat to take off. I think I posted a before pic and an after but if not you’ve totally given me a reason. You are my sister in the gun show…er once you can see my guns. 😆😆

        My blog is http://fat2fitcoder.wordpress.com

        Not sure if I’ll put ’em up tonight or tomorrow but I will!

      2. You will get there. Remember it’s baby steps, one day at a time. You didn’t put in on in a week or two so it’s not going to come off that fast either. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pics.

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