*GASP* A Progress Picture

I’ve blogged about progress pics before.  If you’re too lazy to click the link (which I know most of you are because my analytics tell me so) the gist of it is, posting the “before” picture literally gives me a panic attack.  Like a palms sweating feel-like-I-might-burst-into-tears panic attack.

I don’t want to think about what I looked like before I started.  And like I posted this weekend, I really really really don’t want to consider the possibility that I will end up back there any time soon.

But ya’ll I’ve got to tell you, I am so so proud of myself here lately.  I posted a pic of me flexing at the gym yesterday to Facebook and got an overwhelmingly supportive response from my friends.  The best compliment was from a friend I haven’t seen in a long time who told me that I’m the fittest he’s ever seen me.  Since the last time he saw me was about two weeks before I raced a HALF IRONMAN, that’s saying something kittens.

So to keep with my mantra of overcoming my plethora of fears, I’m saying eff it.  Without further ado, here is my progress to date.

progress pic October 2014

The picture on the left was taken right after I completed a 62 mile charity bike ride back in March, and the pic on the right was taken on Sunday.  It was leg day, but I couldn’t resist taking a flexing selfie because dem guns doe.

I remember when the pic on the left was posted to Facebook I almost cried.  That was the start of a big turning point for me when I realized something had to give.  I was riding 4-5 days per week, doing Crossfit 5x per week, and was still busting out of my size 14 jeans.  The fact was, I was sabotaging all of my success with a shitty diet and bad drinking habits.

I started slow in March, and really ramped up my efforts after a work conference in June that I had to buy a new suit in a size 16 in order to attend.  I had never been that large, and didn’t want to be again.

Today, I am SO PROUD not only of the weight I’ve lost, but of the muscle I’ve put on.  Obviously, it’s a journey.  I’m not done yet, but I can’t hide behind my fear of failure to the point I don’t celebrate my successes either.

So there you have it readers.  Feel free to tell me I look fabulous.  My ego loves you all already, so you might as well stroke it some more.

And if you’re feeling up to it, share your pics too!  Feel free to link to your blog in the comments, I want to cheer you on too. 🙂


24 thoughts on “*GASP* A Progress Picture

  1. Ima not tell you you look fabulous, because you asked for it. But I bet you feel better, and that’s all that matters.

    You Rock 😁

  2. Well done such a great picture to use to motivate you when your feeling low. It is definitely easy to think you will go back but keep moving forward and doing events you enjoy and life will get in the way. Enjoy

    1. Thank you so much! And that’s an amazing point. It reminds me of what the teacher says in Yoga- they call it a “practice” for a reason. You will always be improving. I like it.

  3. I had to click because you said I wouldn’t. 🙂 First of all you are a beautiful person, no matter what size you are, have been in the past, or will be in the future. Having said that…DAMN you look fine girl! You are inspiring, in fitness and in humor. You deserve to show off those guns!

  4. You look even more fabulous because of the before pic. People who never had to lose weight are less impressive to me than those who have lost and conquered. Perhaps I’m biased. I think there should be a fashion in gym wear of having before pics on t-shirts to wear once you’ve reached your goal. That way when you go to the gym, instead of intimidating the shy and cubby, you can inspire. I don’t think that will catch on, but I wish

  5. Wow! Awesome progress. I cannot wait to post my progress photo. I love how you note that what we put into our mouths is so important – it’s SO true!! Congratulations!!

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