I’m a City Fit Girls Ambassador!

city fit girls ambassador

Can I just roar GIRL POWER and get a few “amen’s” out of the audience this morning?

I’ve got to say, in the women’s fitness community there are so many super cool and inspiring people out there to get involved with.  Recently, I got turned onto City Fit Girls, a Philly based company founded in 2013 by Takia McClendon & Kiera Smalls.  These girls rock.  Kiera has lost over 100 pounds to date, and her blog, website, and the City Fit Girls movement is inspiring thousands of women nationwide to get active and healthy.

And they want MEEEEEE helping them spread the word.  How freaking cool is that?

You can check out their awesome site, shop, and blog here, and if you’re local to Philadelphia be sure to stop in and check out their boot camp.

This is a quote from their site that pretty much sums up City Fit Girls perfectly, and I’m so honored to be a part of this great movement:

City Fit Girls is a network of women who inspire, uplift, encourage and motivate others to live healthy lifestyles at home, school, workplace or social settings. We are runners, moms, entrepreneurs, triathletes and more!


Stay tuned for upcoming events, news, and great content from City Fit Girls right here on the blog!


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