The Fitness Games- App Review

There’s nothing like a little extra motivation when you’re gearing up for a lifting session, a hard run, or a bike ride.  If you’re a bit competitive like me, working out with a group is always a great way to go to push yourself just a bit harder.  The Fitness Games has taken that same sprit of competition and developed an app to help you push harder, go farther, and track your progress while doing it!

The app is available for iPhone and and Android, and has a slew of cool features.

fitness games in app store

You can challenge anyone, anywhere to a workout and the app will let you know who was the victor.  You can post selfies, videos, and progress to have a real time social media stream of accomplishments from you and your other competitors.

I downloaded the app on Friday and have already given in a try.  Not only is it super user friendly, it actually incorporates different workout types into the mix.  You can choose from Strength, Cardiovascular, Full Body or Cross Training challenges, and it links to Facebook to make it easy to find friends and connect with people through the app.

fitness games screen shot

As a final awesome touch there is an option to upgrade to a paid version of the app and access workouts on your phone.

If you’re looking for a fun new fitness app, I really recommend checking out The Fitness Games and giving it a try!

fitness games logo

**Disclaimer- I am being paid to review this new app.  That said, the review and opinions are all my own and are in no way influenced by the company.**

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