OrangeTheory Class Review


Summary:  This was one awesome workout!

For the complete story of my experience, check out the full post on Fitness HQ!


4 thoughts on “OrangeTheory Class Review

  1. that sounds like a really cool class. love all the data that you get out of if. I need to get the battery replaced in my HRM so I can wear it to CrossFit and get a better idea of the burn i get during class.

  2. Hi Nicole, As you know, I’ve taken a couple Orangetheory classes and am definitely a fan. I would however, say that I like the format when you go back and forth between the cardio and strength, rather than just do half, then half. It makes the class go by faster in smaller chunks. And I believe the reason the stretching and mobility is so short, is because paying customers want to GO HARD until the end. True story. But yes, I agree that more stretching should be included if possible. Hopefully the trainers tell people to hit the foam roller and continue stretching outside of the studio. This is a good review, and I’m glad you liked it. Have you gone back yet! ?:)

    1. Hey Ashley! I totally see your point about the format, but I think there’s actually a method to their madness. As you know, there are different cardiorespiratory benefits to be gained from steady state cardio, cardio intervals, strength intervals, etc., and I think formatting the class the way they do is to touch on as many of the heart rate training methods as possible. At least, that was my impression.

      Thanks for your comments, especially about the stretching. That makes total sense. I guess if you’re paying for it and showing up to do it, you want to go as hard as you can. I’m a foam rolling addict though, so I missed that from the workout.

      I haven’t been back yet, but will be adding it as my Saturday session starting in March. 🙂

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