Maybe not so boldly going where I haven’t before

Lately I’ve been having more “cheat” meals that I strictly should given what my goals are.  This morning I spent some time asking myself why?

The goals I have physically and aesthetically for 2015 are damn clear in my head.  I know what I want to accomplish, and thanks to amazing coaching by Colleen Gallagher I know EXACTLY how to get there.  Weight loss and performance is truly a science, and if I just stick with the plan I will see my abs by this summer.

So why am I randomly eating ramen noodles on a Friday night when I have loads of healthy food in the house?

Here’s the thing, as it stands right now I am pretty much the smallest and leanest I’ve ever been.  Even if we go as far back as high school, when I was on the dance team and extremely active, I was the size and a similar shape to what I am now.  In my glory days of college where I taught group exercise classes and honestly couldn’t afford to stuff my face regularly, I was this size.

I’m more muscular now, but this is about it for me in terms of what I know my body is capable of.

But I want MORE.  I’ve never seen my abs before.  Ever.  And no matter how tiny I was, I never had a perky butt.  Those are both on my goal list this year, as part of my mission to continue to cut body fat.

So maybe part of the reason I’m cheating so much lately is because my body is at a place where I’m moderately content?  I’ve never known anything “better” than this.  I’ve never known anything leaner than this.

Is it possible, absolutely!  But it’s a place I haven’t been before.  Maybe I’m a little afraid to push myself there.  Maybe part of me just wants to rest on what I know I can achieve and comfortably maintain?

I’m not entirely sure what the reason or the answer is here.  But taking a minute this morning to just realize and uncover these feelings has me refocused for the day.  And really, isn’t that what working towards our goals really is?  Taking it one day at a time and finding success in every good choice we make.

My two cents on Ray Rice

Unless you’re living in a shoe box, you’ve probably heard at least a tidbit about the whole Ray Rice knocking his woman into next week and losing his contract with the Baltimore Ravens.  I’ve gotta be honest, when the news broke, I kind of didn’t care.

I mean sure, that’s an uber douchey move, but what the NFL chose or didn’t choose to do about it didn’t really matter to me.  Crap like that happens, the league can support it or not.  I don’t really know if I feel like they chose the high road, or if they’re taking a personal family matter and making it public.  It’s not my business what people chose to do with their lives.

I was very “meh” about the whole thing until yesterday, when ESPN published this article about Janay Rice defending her husband for his actions.  It piqued my interest, if for no other reason that my wonderment at what possible reason she might have to say it was ok.

I read the article, and have only this to say to my readers.  If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please PLEASE seek help.  Domestic violence is no joke, and the psychological effects are sometimes far worse than the physical manifestations.  In the article it states that Rice was charged with Felony Aggravated Assault back in May and was accepted into a pretrial intervention program to help him avoid jail time.  This is not the first time he’s behaved this way, and the possibility exists that it won’t be the last.

I know that every single situation is different.  People can change, especially people seeking help.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  And when children are involved it becomes even more complicated.

All I can do is give my two cents.  If she, or you, or someone you know is in an abusive relationship because it’s true and it’s love and you are in therapy and an intervention program and working hard to change and save it; my best wishes to you.  But if you are in a relationship because you’re SCARED, or you don’t feel like you deserve or can find better, or you’re fearful of the changes that it might cause in your life; be STRONG and LEAVE.

It’s a horrifying reality that women (and men) can be in abusive situations and truly believe in their heart of hearts that where they are is the best they will ever find.  It’s up to every single one of us to help them realize that they are stronger than having to put up with that. Whether it’s the abuser seeking counseling and finding a way to change (and the ones abused doing the same to find a way not to allow themselves to tolerate this behavior), or it’s finding the strength and courage to leave, everyone can do something to help.

I don’t know the Rices’ situation, so all I can say to them is this; I wish you all the best in finding the peace and happiness you deserve.  Whether it’s together or apart, it matters not.  What matters is the physical, mental and emotional health of everyone involved.  Good luck.

If you need more insights or help, call The National Domestic Violence Hotline, open 24/7, at 800-799-7233.

Murph… Not just another workout

Memorial Day Murph

It’s been over a week since I had the honor of completing another Memorial Day Murph with my Crossfit family.  I’ve sat down to write this post a number of times, but it seems like every time I started words just seemed to fail me.

I think it’s because this WOD isn’t just another workout.  It isn’t just another day at the box.  It isn’t something I want to chronicle so I can compare my time and scaling to last year; it’s something I want to write about because it means something to me every time I find the strength to do it.

The short version is that this year the workout was harder than I remembered.  The day was hotter, the box was much more packed, and I finished slower than I did in 2013.  I did ring rows instead of kettle bell swings (the scaling we did in 2013), and I did all the pushups starting and finishing on my toes.  After 100 that felt like a bad idea.  After 200 I couldn’t take my bra off and had to enlist my husband’s help, but I’m glad that I did it.

My Crossfit family is amazing.  Around me for the entire workout were fellow members sweating and cheering me on.  We were all deep in the suck together, but no one quit.  In the end, as one of the very last to finish, I had my own cheering section and even a personal coach who “ran” (if you could call it that) the last mile with me.  She had already completed her workout, but pushed me along just the same.

I get a little emotional every time I think about the mental aspect of this workout.  Physically, it’s challenging.  But mentally, the number of times that I had to push myself to keep going, to talk myself out of just quitting, or of cutting it down a few reps, or any number of other ways I could have “cheated”, was really the biggest challenge for me.  It’s amazing how our inner demons, the voices who tell us we’re not strong enough or good enough to do something, really come out when we’re struggling.

Which makes me wonder what our soldiers hear in their heads during their tough times.

In the end, so much of what helped me through was thinking about that.  Murph is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.  It’s one of the biggest challenges I will ever face, and one of the toughest things I will ever need to conquer.  Talk about a blessing.  When doing a hard ass workout, that I PAY a facility to subject me to, surrounded by friends, and fun is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done I KNOW I lead a great life.

I have so many things.  So many freedoms.  Like everyone I have so many problems, but unlike some of our soldiers, mine are really inconsequential.

While this is a post about a workout, this is really more of my trying to say thank you.  To express my gratitude to those who have served and are serving for all they stand for a represent.  To remember those who won’t ever come home to us, not that we don’t remember them for at least a moment daily.

So thanks guys.

Who doesn’t love coupons?!

First off, HELLOOOOO new followers.  I’m kind of amazed people are still finding me even though my posting has been sporadic at best here lately.  I would apologize, but honestly, I’m not sorry about my life of leisure.  Ya’ll get it.

But, to put a smile on everyone’s face, I’m sending along a GREAT deal that I saw on Facebook this morning.  One of my favorite new companies (and bloggers) From Thick to Thin, is offering a 40% off coupon code on her entire line.

This is some seriously cute ladies Crossfit and running tanks, headbands and even a pair of amazing capris.  I love the fit of her stuff, and highly recommend it for the quality, fun sayings, and great colors.

I get nothing out of this, except to share a great deal with all my loyal readers, so check it out!

Shop here and use code crazysale40 at check out to get the discount.

You’re welcome.

On CrossFit and Risk

The amazing Julie Foucher’s thoughts on Crossfit and risk. Great insight!

Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Growing up, my mom would often tell me “When I was ten, I broke my ankle taking a giant step in the backyard playing a game of SPUD. Heck, if you can break your ankle taking a giant step, you might as well go out and do something more fun.” Fortunately, she has supported me through many such fun experiences over the years. But, like most parents, she has also instilled in me the fact that there is a certain amount of risk associated with doing just about anything in life. The responsibility falls on each one of us to evaluate and decide how much risk we are willing to take on in order to reap the potential rewards of our actions.

A "risk taker" from a young age, thanks to Mom A “risk taker” from a young age, thanks to Mom

I have become increasingly familiar with the concept of balancing risks and benefits through my medical training. Though…

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Breaking the Thursday Cycle

Is anyone with me on this?

Monday I start out super motivated for the week.  I’m usually coming off a nice long ride on Sunday and a great relaxing day with the hubs, so I’m ready to eat healthy, train hard, be as active as possible and reach my goals baby!

I hit it hard and my nutrition is perfect.  No booze, great job at Paleo.  Monday is a great day.

Tuesday rolls around and I’m a bit sore.  But Tuesday is the day I weigh myself (spare me the lecture) and the number goes down.  Now I’m even MORE motivated.  YES!  I’m awesome!  I can do this.

So I have another strong day of training and nutrition.  I even avoid a glass of wine with dinner, even though I wannnntttt one.

Then we get to hump day, and I’m SORE.  I make sweet love to the foam roller, and embarrass myself with sex faces and grunts while I do it.  I still drag myself to the box, but I complain.  A lot.  The coaches threaten to flog me if I don’t show up, and because they’re all insanely attractive, I consider letting them.

My nutrition is pretty good, but I succumb to my wine craving with dinner.  What?  It makes the muscles not hurt so bad.

And then it’s Thursday.

I wake up and want a doughnut.  If I eat one, I spend the rest of the day in my sweatpants reading trashy vampire books and eating the rest of the dozen.  If I manage not to eat one, I still spend the rest of the day in my pajamas fantasizing about eating them.

I don’t make it to the gym.  I have grand plans for a nice easy recovery bike ride in the afternoon, and then hope and pray it rains.  And if it doesn’t, I hope it’s windy.  Or that something comes up.  Or give myself a million other reasons not to ride.

Then we go on date night.  Which usually involves sushi.  Or something fried.  And lots of wine.  Because my muscles still hurt of course.

By the time Friday rolls around, I feel like I’ve killed any chance at being healthy with thursday so I carry my sloth-ness through the weekend to finally snap out of it on Sunday.

Well today is Thursday and I had eggs for breakfast.  I cleaned my house and went to the gym with Blondie, who helped me kick my butt at some running intervals.  I ate a healthy lunch, worked a few hours for the hubs, and have a hot date planned with some burpees later.

Today I’m breaking the cycle.

Tell me I’m not the only one.  What have you overcome this week?

What happened to the workouts?!


Hey loyal readers!

And because there are a butt load of you, HEY NEW READERS!  Welcome aboard!

As you’ve probably seen, I’m a Crossfit addict who also does tri-sports (swim, bike and run), as well as blogs about the hilarious and disgusting pretty regularly.

I know we’re still at the start of the year, so we’re all still focused on our resolutions, which probably mean fitness and weight loss goals.  Right?  Right.  Focused.  Yep.  That’s me.

I swear I’m still working out daily, and doing some pretty awesomesauce things in all areas of my training, but you may have noticed I’m no longer posting daily workout recaps or updates.

There’s a few reasons for this, but the main one is that people are douchebags.  Right after the first of the year, I was getting comments from new readers about how slow my times were, how light my weights were, or how boring my posts were.  Obviously, this isn’t really motivating.  But it also let me take a step back and look at the content of my blog.

I want to make you laugh, and provide great stories about things health, fitness, and alcohol related.  (Because they SO go together, right?)  I don’t ever want to be boring, so to that end, I’m keeping track of my fitness elsewhere for the moment.

That’s not to say you won’t get recaps of really great workouts.  Once the Crossfit Open starts I probably won’t be able to contain myself.

I’m going to do my best to bring fun fresh content to you regularly, and if there’s ever anything you want to hear or know or read more about, just ask!  Your feedback, likes, and comments are what keep me posting and loving this blog.

Just don’t be a douchebag.  This is a douche free zone.

Apparently I shouted “NO REP” in my sleep last night

Guess what blog-o-verse?!  The CROSSFIT OPEN is only something like 37 days away.  

If you’re a Crossfitter, you know what this means.  And chances are you’ve been practicing your DU’s and T2B with a vengeance because you know we will be punished with a 444 minute AMRAP of them both (or something equally as sadistic) in just a few short weeks.

If you’re NOT a Crossfiter, here’s my explanation:

So the Crossfit games are like the Crossfit Olympics.  You might have seen them on ESPN.  Good stuff.  In order to get to the Games you have to compete in the Open, qualify for Regionals, and then the top 3 men and women from each region go to the Games.  It’s pretty standard stuff.  But here’s the cool part… literally ANYONE can register for the Crossfit Open.  It’s $25, you do it online, and can get a chance to get to what is basically the Crossfit Olympics.

This is cool stuff people.  This is a really unique model of competition, and I’m excited to be a part of it again this year.

As the sport has continued to grow, the Crossfit powers that be continue to tweak the way they do things in the Open, since it has the potential to be a logistical nightmare determining who the best of the best are in each region, and having a fair Regional competition.

This year they have added some rules around how athletes will advance.  Most of us just do it to do it, and have fun competing and sweating with others at our boxes.  But the best of the best who think they may have a run at regionals will need to submit a video of their workout each week, as well as be judged by a certified Crossfit judge.

And now we get to my sleep talking.

I want to be a judge.  Not only do I think it will be super cool to get to watch the top athletes at my box give it all they’ve got for a shot to go to Regionals in the workouts, but I’m one of those nerds who really wants to see the brand and reputation of this sport grow as it grows nationwide, and I can totally get behind enforced judging standards and accountability.  Not to mention, IF we do have an individual or a team go to Regionals, I am TOTALLY going to be there, and as a certified judge I could volunteer to judge while there.  How AWESOME would that be?!

So I’m taking the course online. 

And dreaming about it.  Last night, I yelled “NO REP” at one of the monsters at my box and he throat punched me.  In my dream of course.

Maybe I’m having second thoughts…

If you’re interested in becoming a judge for the open, check out the link here:


1.21.2014 Workouts

Feeling a little sore, but it feels good to be back in the swing of things.

SWOD: Press 5×5 (33, 53, 53, 58, 58, 58)

The last two sets were really tough, almost didn’t make the last rep of the last set.  I am, however, pretty pleased to see I haven’t lost much strength on this lift.  This is about where I was at before my hiatus on the longer sets.

Run (row) 400
12 sit ups
24 DUs (or 2 bupees and 24 SUs)

Time: 16:49 with row and SU’s

This was fun.  I actually really like these types of WOD’s where the name of the game is just to keep moving.  

Now if I could just get double unders….

30 minutes on the spin bike at a steady pace.

Met Blondie at the gym for a quick workout in the afternoon.  We did a 20 minute circuit of:

4 Rounds
:45 seconds on :15 seconds rest

DB Thrusters
DB back fly
DB lunges with biceps curl
Plank with side twists
High Knees

Then we followed it with a quick core circuit of:
10 opposite hand to foot crunches each leg
10 db twists
10 super mans 

2 rounds

It was a fun little workout and a nice compliment to Crossfit.

Don’t be a Jesus Freak at Wal-Mart

I loathe shopping at Wal-Mart.

Ok actually that’s not entirely true.  The shopping experience itself actually isn’t all that bad.  There are some great deals, and they certainly have every frigging thing you can think of under one roof, so there IS that.

But what I detest about Wal-Mart is the check out process.  In my experience, there are always lines of people 10 deep, many with more than one shopping card loaded to it’s maximum capacity.  Frankly, I get it.  Why go unless you’re going to hunker down for the apocalypse?  I mean, I’ve been known to buy ammo AND bananas on the same trip.

But I digress.

Today I was in desperate need of a water filter for my refrigerator.  After visiting two Lowe’s, a Home Depot and a Target, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to go to Wal-Mart for this elusive device.  I waited and planned and decided that 3 p.m. would probably be the best time to attempt my excursion. 

As expected, the shopping experience was pretty seamless.  I found the water filter, also remembered that I needed toothpaste, eggs, bananas, and picked up a set of glitter pens because I just couldn’t resist.  

When I got to the checkout with my 5 items, as per usual, the “10 items or less” line had about 80 people in it, and three other registers were open, each with a sizable line of their own.  Seeing as I hadn’t been drinking yet, I had a feeling this might be a stressful situation.

But much to my surprise, the couple that was in front of the guy in front of me in line, and had a large shopping cart full of groceries, offered to let both the guy in front of me (with just a few items) AND me jump in front of them!

Joy!  Elation!  

Unfortunately, I wasn’t going to get off that easily.  As soon as I squeezed in my place in line, the elderly gentlemen asked me if I “know where I’m going?”

I looked at him surprised.  “Well sir, I’m only 30 and the Alzheimer’s hasn’t yet set it, so yeah, I’m pretty clear.  Uh, do you?”  I responded.

“No no no!” Screeched his wife.  Lowering her voice only slightly she continued, “after this.  Do you know where you’re going after this?”

This was getting weird.  “Yes ma’am.  I’m going home to install my new water filter.”

At this point, they are clearly getting more than a little flustered.  Since it’s possible they are a crazy knife wielding 70 year old murderous couple I’m considering using my newly acquired glitter pens as a weapon when finally he clarifies.

“After this life dear.  Are you right with the Lord?  Are you SURE you’re going to Heaven?”

Uh… um… “Thank you for your concern sir, I really appreciate it.”  Really?  At least I managed to bite my tongue and not tell them that I write regularly about poop and sex and the term “accidental orgasm” has brought over 6,000 visitors to my blog in the past few months.

But he wasn’t done yet.  He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a full color 18 page illustrated pamphlet.  “Here,” he says, “read this and follow these instructions.  This will guarantee your place in the house of the Lord when you die.”

At this point I had paid for my items and was about to walk out of the store and never see these people again.  While I really do believe that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, it’s shit like this that just rubs me the wrong way.  

So what did I do?  You ask?

Simple, I responded, “Oooh thanks!  It really would be great if there were some way I could make up for all of those lesbian group orgies that I filmed in college.  Oh, and that accidental murder.  But I’m totally down with a goat sacrifice.  What page is that on?  Goody.  Thanks again.”

And I skipped off.

Here’s hoping I didn’t give the old guy a heart attack.  Keep an eye on the news kittens.  If you read about a man down in Wal-Mart, know he’s totally going to a better place.