Goal:  Weightloss
Short Term: 1 lbs per week or total 13 lbs by VEGAS!
Long Term: 20 lbs total loss (target date February 15, 2013)
Fitness:  Crossfit 4-5x per week, cycling 1-3x per week (depending on weather), mobility and “homework” 4x per week

Nutrition: 80/20 rule.  Alcoholic beverages 2x per week max.  Of 21 meals in a week 20% is approx 4 special treats per week, alcohol will count as one in each instance.  80% of the time paleo with the addition of white potatoes or white rice when needed on days I ride.

Important Planning Opportunities:  Thanksgiving and traveling to St. Louis for the holiday.  Christmas.  My work holiday party.  Husband’s work holiday party.  Cyclocross race weekend.  My birthday.  Husbands birthday.

Goal:  Pull Ups
Short Term:  Banded pull ups in WODs
Long Term:  Unassisted pull ups
Plan:  2x per week practice banded pull ups.  Baby steps here, as I’m still terrified to even do them by myself.

Goal:  Handstand/HSPU
Short Term:  Wall walks all the way to the wall
Long Term:  HSPU in WODs
Plan: 2x per week (alternating days with pull up practice) complete 5 total wall walks.  Goal on each walk is to get one “step” closer than before.

Goal: DU’s
Short Term:  DU’s in WODs
Plan:  This is tricky as jumping currently hurts my foot injury.  Once that is no longer the case, 5 minutes of DU practice daily.  I can even bring the rope to work and just do this one over lunch.

Goal: 120 lbs Back Squat
Short Term: 110 lbs by end of 2013
Long Term: 120 by end of February 2014
Plan:  Continue to do squat mobility exercises and improve squat form.  Crossfit 4-5x per week will include multiple squatting opportunities.  During SWOD be sure to go as heavy as possible on squat days while keeping form perfect.


7 thoughts on “Goals

  1. I love the goals! I’m inspired to create some myself. Keep us posted on your progress as you’re able to tick things off the list.

    Does your box teach kipping for HSPUs? This helped me a TON when I was learning. I don’t like wall walks at all, but the kipping got me up into the pushup pretty quickly, so during a WOD you can do one or two strict HSPU’s then go to kipping HSPUs when your arms want to give out. It helps!

    1. They do teach kipping, but in truth, I’m super scardey cat to be upside down. I have yet to work up the balls to even kick myself up to a handstand.

      It’s silly because I know I’m strong enough to do it, but I’m still scared I will fall on my face.

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