PRs and Benchmarks

Sure, I’ve got an app on my phone that stores all the goods, but it’s much more motivational to post them publicly so that my ego has an even stronger incentive to make them better.

Yes, these are real.  Yes, I am that slow.  Penguins have beat me in running contests before.  I’m also fiercely uncoordinated.  Every time I fall I immediately look for a rock to blame it on, but it’s usually just air.

I’m a work in progress.  Here is the place for that progress.

Mile Run: 11:02 (2/26/2013)

Back Squat: 103 lbs (7/11/2013)
Front Squat: 93 lbs (2/25/2013)
Clean: 83 lbs (4/17)
Clean and Jerk: 83 lbs (4/17)
Deadlift: 153 lbs (10/3/2013)
Push Press: 83 lbs (3/25)
Overhead Squat: 68 (9/10)
Snatch: 53 (4/10)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull: 53 lbs (2/11/2013)
Bench Press: 68 (10/11/2013)


Helen: 13:45 scaled with ring rows
Fran: 6:47 @ 53 lbs with Ring Rows
Amanda: 4:14 with dips and OHS @ 35 lbs
Nancy: 19:56 @ 15 lbs
Annie: 8:10 Single Unders
Jackie: 12:25 @33 with jumping pull ups
Diane: 5:06 @ 93 lbs and regular push ups
Grace: 4:27 @63 lbs
300: 24:11 @83 deadlifts, 53 floor wipers, yellow KB


4 thoughts on “PRs and Benchmarks

  1. I love this idea of making a tab for your hitting your benchmarks! Motivation is motivation, ego or not! My next goal upon finishing 13.1 miles is to finish just one under 12 minutes for a change-up so let your ego know I’m totally impressed. 🙂

  2. OHhh, this is a good idea! Although at my gym, I have not yet done any of the “girls” – wonder why it’s never been part of WOD? I will ask next time I’m there!

    I too am slow and not terribly strong – YET. We are getting faster & stronger every week, though!

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