I got called “beefy”… and I liked it!

Holidays with my family are always interesting.  They usually start with Jello shots and Bloody Mary’s by 10 a.m., and once we hit the vodka soaked gummy bears with lunch, things quickly go downhill from there.

Though sometimes there are a few little gems that sparkle brighter than those darn twinkle lights on the tree, and this year it was my dad that totally rocked my world.

Prior to the holidays, I hadn’t seen my Sister since July.  Apparently, before hubs and I got there on Christmas Eve my dad and sis were talking about me, and the topic of my fitness came up.  When my sis had last seen me I had been doing Crossfit for nearly a year, but I know that in the last few months my body has continued to change.  It’s also been swimsuit season, and most every time I had seen my parentals had been in tank tops and bathing suits through the summer.

So as the story goes, my dad was describing my new physique to my sis and told her how “beefy” I was getting.

This was followed by saying I was “thick” and “strong” and “girl has some muscles.”

When my sis got a little bombed and recounted the tale to me, my dad was quick to jump in that he meant it as a compliment.  Little did he know, I thought it was about the most darn awesome thing that he could say about me!

So yeah, I’m beefy bitches.  Like that?  Because I do.