Today I would like to discuss my butt…

Last weekend I got together with some friends that I haven’t seen in a long time.  A very long time.  Four years to be exact.

Being someone who is pretty much neurotic about my weight, I actually remember what I weighed and looked like last time I saw these ladies.  (I know, I’m psycho).  Adding to my crazy, I was super duper relieved that right now I weigh about the same as what they would remember and I can’t even tell you the relief I felt knowing that no one would be inwardly thinking how fat I’d gotten.

Even though I kinda did.  I just lost it again.

But I digress.

The one thing that has changed from then and now is what I’m actually doing for exercise.  Back then I was a cardio queen, regularly swimming biking and running and doing triathlons.  I maintained a healthy weight, but to be honest, I NEVER weight trained.

Now I predominantly weight train and do HIIT, with a few longer slower cardio sessions mixed in just because I love riding my bike.

Pretty much the first words out of one of my girlfriend’s mouths was, “wow, you look great.  Your butt looks SO different.”

I took it as a compliment.

Following the party, I had to know if she was right.  I dug out photos from four years ago, and even older ones.  I found pictures of when the hubs and I were first dating (eek 10 years ago!) and I was “skinny”.

Holy crap she was so SO right.  I have a totally different butt.  I mean, I always had a decent bum, but now it is round and filled out all the way around.  Now I have a GREAT butt.

It’s so great I kinda want to post a picture.  But unfortunately, as I mentioned, I cycle.  And my ass is as lily white as the fresh fallen snow, while from the shorts down I am questionably of hispanic origin.  So that is not going to grace the interwebz anytime soon.

So instead I give you my current fitness obsession, Michelle Lewin and her fantastic bum.  Mine isn’t quite as great as hers, but I’m telling ya kids, I’m going to get there.

michelle lewin


So how about you guys?  Anyone seeing great physical improvements lately?  Or how about improvements in performance?  You know I love celebrating accomplishments, so let’s hear em!