Back to 6 a.m. where I belong.  I am actually much more well behaved when I don’t wake up until half way thru class.

Tall Snatch 5×3

Snatch Deadlift 5×3

The snatch deadlift really makes sense to me.  I get it.  My body gets it.  When we do these I feel like my legs and torso learn something for the next time we snatch.

However the tall snatch just doesn’t make sense to my body at all.  I have so much trouble not bouncing and just dropping straight into a squat.  I don’t want to focus on the negative with this lift though, so I will say, my stability at the bottom is SO much better.  When starting in the “tall” position it is physically impossible to come up on my toes, so at least that drill helps to fix that bad habit I have.

Burpee Bar Jump Over
*After sets of 21 and 15 400m run (.5 mile bike)

Time: 13:36 @ 83 lbs

Wow this was hard.  I honestly think this was one of the hardest CF workouts I’ve ever done.

It’s likely largely because my legs that were sore on Monday are a hot mess today and my quads literally have nothing in them, but this workout kicked my ass.

I thought I was being conservative on the deadlifts but they ended up feeling super heavy mid way thru the set of 21 and never got better.

Every time I had to jump over the bar there was this whole start stop thing happening.  I actually had to take a step back more than once and breathe and remind myself the bar isn’t as high as a box and I jump on those all the time.

I used the bike as my recovery, and man did I need it.

But as always, I did it and was proud of my effort once it was over.


When my alarm went off this morning hubs was literally draped around me like wrapping paper.  It took some serious panache to untangle myself and not wake him up.  Not to mention determination.  My bed was warm and comfy and the WOD looked like the suck.

But I did it.  because I am awesome.  *insert standing ovation here*

Warm Up:  Usual stuff.  Shoulders are so so tiered and cranky and sore today.  Not only did we have a shoulder heavy WOD yesterday, I got back in the pool for the first time in ages.  Fun stuff having new and different muscles sore.

SWOD:  Superset of
Pendlay Rows 4×6
1×6 @ 73 (too heavy)
2×6@ 63

Single Leg Deadlifts 4×8

Nothing really remarkable to say about either of these.  My shoulders were cooked so I didn’t have much weight on the rows with good form.

The deadlifts I likely could have gone heavier, but I had a really hard time keeping my balance, especially on my right foot, so I keep it light and worked to do them correctly.

WOD: (as written on the white board, I should have taken a pic)
300m row
10 no push up burpee box jumps
10 no orgasm toes to bar
30 DU’s

Time: 18:49 with 60 SU and step ups

This was tons of fun, though took longer than I expected.  That was for two reasons.  One, because I had it in my head that it was a 3 RFT workout (I think it was the 300 and 30 that got me).  During the second round, when I thought I only had one to go, Coach yelled out something about it only being 4 rounds and I was a little disappointed.  The suck of those burpee box jumps was going to have to be repeated twice more.  Not awesome.

But it was.

I did my knees to wherever I could get them (without incident I might add) in sets of 5 and modified to step ups for the box jumps.

The rowing was (obviously) my favorite part.  I comfortably held a 2:09-2:10 pace every round and just sort of used that time to catch my breath.


6 a.m. class to start my birthday off right!  I had sent coach a text on Friday requesting either burpees or Cindy.  He told me I was crazy and there was no effing way we were doing Cindy, but YAY I got my burpees!

Warm Up:  Usual stuff.  There was some talk of me doing birthday burpees while everyone counted for me, but that wasn’t going to fly.  I’m a team effort or none at all kinda girl thank-you-very-much.

SWOD:  Press 5×5
1×10@ 33 warm up
1×5@ 53
3×5@ 63
1×5 @68 PR

YAY!  I have been stuck at 63 lbs forever on my strict press, but no more.  I admit, the last 2 of the last set were hideous, but I’m really happy that I’m building more strength over head.

It’s also amazing how just 5 lbs over head feels like half an elephant when there’s no push in the mix.

3:00 to run 400m (row 500)
Max burpees with remaining time

Score: 20

This WOD made me SO happy.   I wish I could have done the run, but since we all know I love rowing I wasn’t even cranky about my cranky foot.  I kept around a 2:15-2:15 pace for each of the 500s, and kept my burpees each round pretty steady as well.

I really REALLY wanted to do 30, as it’s my 30th birthday today, and might still do 10 when I get home from work tonight just to say I did it.

Here’s to my 30th year of health and happiness.


Hit up the Saturday class to get my 5x in this week.  I admit, getting up and getting moving on the weekend is always a challenge, but I’m always so glad when I suck it up and get it done.

Warm Up:  The usual.  Gorgeous weather outside so we did most of it outdoors.  Nice change, though it is still hot!

Skill:  Rope Climbs

Seeing as heights scare the cwap out of me, these are something I haven’t yet attempted.  I’ve done a few foot lock drills, which is what we worked on today.  I got my feet in place and stood up on the rope several times from the box.  However, once we took the box away my feet couldn’t remember what to do.  I think I’m over my fear of getting into position on the rope though, so I will keep practicing that.

Now actually climbing it is a totally separate story!

15 minute AMRAP

5 hang power cleans

10 thrusters
15 burpees

20 sit ups

1 rope climb (or rope pull)

Score: 3+10 @ 53 lbs

YAY thrusters!  Ok so I don’t really mean that, but it was still a super fun WOD.  And actually, I was REALLY proud of myself for doing these at 53 lbs.  My initial instinct was to use the training bar and add weight, but I knew that I have done them heavier more than once and wanted the challenge.

Besides, Rx Fran is at 65 and I won’t ever get there if I don’t keep pushing myself.

The thrusters ended up being, by far, the hardest part of this workout.  The hang cleans were actually pretty light for me, and I did every set of those unbroken.  First round of thrusters went unbroken as well, but after that I broke them up so I didn’t die.

What both pleased and surprised me the most were the burpees.  They were… kinda easy?  I just kind of kept moving and got through every set pretty quickly and without having to stop and suck wind as bad as I usually do.  Is it possible that my cardio or burpee technique is actually starting to improve?

Sit ups were a piece of cake, and the rope pulls went well.

All in all this was a great class.  I used to be so hesitant to come on Saturdays and now, not so much anymore.

Just watch, next Saturday we’ll have to do Karen (150 wall balls for time) just because I said that.


After coming to our in-house competition this weekend I was SO motivated this morning I think I jumped out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to go to the 6 a.m. class.

Ok, maybe I wasn’t THAT peppy as I’m still nursing my hangover from SATURDAY after the competition, but I was pretty pumped to get in there today and do work.  I’ll post separately about how amazing the event was this weekend, but suffice it to say here that I am more motivated than ever after watching our amazing peeps throw down, set  PRs, and do some serious work this weekend.

Warm Up:  The usual.  My body felt so heavy at first, but once I got about half way thru it was like my head cleared and everything just loosened up instantly.  Amazing.

SWOD:  Tall Cleans 4×3
1×5 muscle cleans @33
1×5 front squats @ 33
1×3 tall clean @ 33
1×3 tall clean @ 43
3×3 tall clean @ 53

These felt really good today.  I felt like my elbows were really fast, and I felt really comfortable at the base of my squat.  My last set I was bouncing a little bit too much getting under the bar, but I think it was fatigue at that point.

Clock set to 3 minutes
200 m run (row)
with remaining time bike/jump rope/ski/burpee (basically do another form of cardio)
1 minute rest

No score, goal was just to keep moving.

This was AWESOME!  I admit, I’m kind of a cardio queen.  Not that I’m FAST by any stretch, but I would rather go at a steady pace with cardio for a looooooooong time over “redlining” it any day of the week. That’s my comfort zone, and this WOD was very much in my comfort zone… so I pushed myself out of it a bit.

On the rower I made myself keep an under 2:00 pace on every 200, which for me was pretty fast.  I was breathing heavy at the end of each of those.

Round 1 I did the bike, and decided I didn’t want to do that again, as for me that was really easy.  I do a lot of cycling, and can go pretty long and hard without getting winded.

Round 2 I did soft “box” runs, up and down on one of the soft 8 inch mats.  About half way thru my right achillies reminded me that any sort of jumping on it makes it hurt so bad I want to puke, so it turned into a run up run up run down step down with the cranky foot.  Can’t do that again.

Round 3 bikes and ski machines were taken, so I just started doing burpees.  I figured, I hate the movement, it’s all cardio, it doesn’t hurt my foot, and therefore it serves the purpose of the WOD.  I did the same for round 4 and was comfortably uncomfortable, and happy I had chosen to do them.

Yay burpees!


Back at the 6 a.m. class.  I inadvertently took all of last week off. It was one of those scenarios where I overslept most every morning and told myself I would go that night, and inevitably something came up nightly that prevented me from attending.

As much as I’m not happy with myself for that, it was good to get a reminder of why I get up at 5:30 every morning and get my butt there.  That is the BEST time for me and when it best fits my schedule.  It sucks, but I’m now even more resolute in the fact that I need to make it happen daily.

Warm Up:  The usual.  I’m still not running.  My right heel is SCREAMING.  More on that later, but I have a feeling I’m going to be a rowing Godess for more than a little while.

Snatch Balance 4×3
Pendlay Row 4×8

Snatch Balance:

YAY!  PR on the Snatch balance for me and it was freaking easy.  I’ve known for some time now that if I can just gain some confidence with my OHS that I will gain a lot in my snatch as well.  Previously 43 was the heaviest I had ever attempted on this movement and without a lot of confidence.

All that said, I did fail one rep in the final set and it took several more failures before I calmed myself down enough to land a few good reps.  When I get nervous and don’t get under the bar fast enough I have a tendency to come forward on my toes.  Bad form.  Keep practicing.

Pendlay Row:

Having never done these before I did a practice set with just the bar.  I’m not sure what happened to my 4th set, but I think I didn’t do it?  We had three people in our group and everyone else had two, so I think when I saw everyone else putting their stuff away I thought I was done.  Oof.  I’m a little cranky with myself for this, as these are supposed to help with pull ups.

Then again, it was 6 in the morning.  It’s possible I did the 4th set and just don’t remember it.  But I’m usually pretty good about that.

12 minute AMRAP
60 lunges
50 sit ups
40 push ups
30 wall balls
20 pull ups
10 burpees

Score: 211 with RR

YAY I got through the whole chipper plus one rep!  I honestly didn’t think I would make it all the way through, so I was happy to complete it.

I did the lunges walking, as I really need to practice those.  As in times before, my knee doesn’t go all the way to the ground but I’m getting better.  My balance is definitely improving.

The push ups were super hard after the sit ups, not so much in my arms but in my core!  I was amazed how I kept doing the like, stripper back wiggle thing instead of holding myself tight because my abs were all tingly.  After a few bad reps I got it straightened out, but it just surprised me.  That’s not where those should hurt.

Otherwise everything went about how I thought it would.  Great first day back.  Love AMRAPs, love chippers and love the gymnastic movements.


Let me preface this by saying, I had an AWFUL day today.  I seriously debated whether or not to even go to Crossfit tonight, and even told a friend jokingly before hand that I was nervous that I would end up getting frustrated and bursting into tears.

Yeah, that’s totally foreshadowing.

Went to 5:30 p.m.  Another big class.  My heel is SCREAMING today, so no running again for me.

Warm Up:  The usual

Mobility:  Pass thrus on the LX ball (ouch)
Hip and ankle band stretches

1×5@33 warm up
1×3@58 PR
1×3@63 PR
1×3@68 PR

I feel like I haven’t done OHS for strength in FOREVER.  I knew I would get a PR today, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be 15 lbs!  Yay!  The squat work I’ve been doing with super awesome girl coach has really helped me with keeping my torso upright, which has in turn really helped me to be able to stabilize my upper body with this lift.

*whispers* I could have gone heavier.

Super awesome.

Hang Squat Cleans

Time:  Who f@ck&ing cares @33 lbs

I was starting to feel better mentally after the PRs when we were getting set up for the WOD.  I set my bar up at 53 lbs, did three reps and decided that was a little too ambitious given all the OHS we just did, and the fact that I had did a bike ride over lunch.  I took it down to 43 lbs, did a few reps and decided I could hang with that.

321 go and we were off.  The first 21 burpees actually weren’t bad.  Usually I have to break after 10 to catch my breath, but I had a nice even (aka slow) pace so I just sort of worked through them.

Step up to the bar and do 5 cleans no problem.

Clean #6 my right quad cramps up so bad that I literally fall on my ass.  And thus the WOD deteriorated from there.  I NEVER strip weight mid-WOD, but ended up doing it a few reps later, down to just the bar.  I could NOT shake out my quad, and as a result every 3-4 attempts I ended up on my ass.  I don’t know how I got thru the set of 21, but I’m pretty sure it involved a lot of telling myself that if I did my quad would have a minute to relax.

I don’t think I’ve ever hoped for burpees so badly in my entire life.

15 burpees.  Slow and steady, back up to the bar for cleans and BAM on my butt again on the first attempt… and the second… and the third.

At this point I’m ashamed to say I threw down the bar (with no rubber on it, SORRY COACH) and BURST into tears.

Not even like, cute girly tears either.  But those like sobbing can’t catch your breath snot running down your face tears.

I have never, ever EVER in my entire life wanted to quit so badly as I did in that moment.  There were people DONE with the workout at this point, and I still hadn’t even started my set of 15 cleans.  My quad was cramping so bad that I actually was wondering if I had torn the muscle and on my next attempt the bone was going to snap and come flying out my skin, or something equally as gruesome.

Clearly, I had a lot of positive self talk going on.

So I stood there and cried for about a minute.  I know, because I was watching the clock.  Then I took a deep breath, pulled myself together, and finished the damn workout.

It was UGLY.  So ugly.  Coach was cheering me on and I just kind of kept crying.  He knew something was wrong but knew better than to ask I think, and just kept telling me to pick up the bar.  A few of the people in the next class cheered me on as well, yelling for me to finish.  The dudes that had been around me that were LONG done with their workouts hung out and counted down my last few reps for me.

For the record, I LOVE YOU ALL. 

All told I think it took me about 13 minutes to get through it, which I can’t even fathom.  It felt like an hour.

But the funny thing?  I left it ALL on the floor in class.  I left feeling a thousand times better, and everything that had happened didn’t really matter any longer.

I’m stronger than all of it.  I guess the universe has a funny way of reminding you of that sometimes.

Taking applications. Sex faces required.

I’m used to getting strange looks from people.  Clearly, I have a tendency to speak my mind.  I also have the uncanny ability to fall up the stairs, knock myself unconscious when sitting down, twist my ankle while riding a roller coaster, or get attacked by wild dogs while crapping in a cornfield.

So yeah, I get a lot of “what the hell?” looks from people, and with good reason.  They don’t bother me.

However, one thing that does burn my biscuit a little is getting  judgmental “what in God’s name is that girl doing” looks when I’m doing something that maybe isn’t all that unusual.

Say for instance, a Crossfit style workout in a non-Crossfit gym.

Husband and I are traveling this weekend, and I have at least two workouts planned where we’re staying.  We’ve stayed at this resort before, and I know that is has one of the most fabulous fitness centers I’ve ever seen.  It most certainly rivals that of some of the Globo Gyms in my area.

During past trips I’ve done Crossfit style workouts in this gym involving burpees, double unders, dumbbell snatches and dumbbell squat cleans, push presses and more, and have always had a full audience of gawkers staring at me open mouthed and breathing heavy trying to figure out if I’m having a seizure or a really great workout.

Sometimes it irks me.

This time, I’m going to be prepared.

First off, I’m going to wear my favorite new workout T that says “Squats are like sex.  They only count when you go deep enough.”  I figure, it sets the stage for what’s to come.

I will begin by foam rolling my inner thighs while moaning and making sex faces, as after that nothing I do will be any weirder.

Beyond that, I don’t have anything truly special planned.

It might sound insane, but I really want to do 100 burpees for time.  The last time we did it there was a 10 minute cut off and I had only made it to 86 reps.  I want to know what my time is for the full 100 and then work on getting it under 10 minutes from there, as one of the Open WOD’s this year will inevitably have some sort of burpee madness that I want to be prepared for.

I also missed a really awesome “death by power cleans” WOD on my 1 year anniversary at the box, and really want a chance to take on that workout, so that is planned WOD #2.  I can’t remember if they have a bar there or if I will be doing them with dumbells, but either way, bring it on.

Stay tuned for the update on Monday, but methinks I might have to recruit a partner in crime to take pictures of my audience during this performance.

Any takers for the job?


Started the week off right, even if 5:30 felt freaking eeaaarrrlllyyyy.

Warm Up: The usual

SWOD: Push Press (YAY!  This is totally my favorite lift at the moment)

Warm Up: 1×10 @ 33
1×3@53 (too light)
2×3 @ 73

I did attempt the last set at 83, failed two attempts so I brought it back down.  I remember the last time we did this lift I tried to go 73 to 83 and failed, I’m glad I did a baby step up to 78 to prove to myself that I can get more weight over head.

83 I’m coming for you next time.


2 minutes on, 1 minute rest- 4 rounds
AMRAP 7 burpees, 7 KB swings

Score: 86 (totally goofed what I put on the board because my brain said NO MATH after this WOD)

So this was one of those WOD’s that when I saw it I said, “that looks like fun!”

Coach Shifu said at the beginning of class that the WOD today was “easy”.

Yeah, I’m calling bull shit on that.  It wasn’t fun.  And totally wasn’t easy.  I still loved it, don’t get me wrong but MAN.  Those were four rounds of the longest two minutes of my life.  By the last set of burpees my arms literally did not want to work.  I ended up getting to the ground one leg at a time because I didn’t want to burpee down there and end up firmly smashing my tits into the ground because my arms had no juice left to lower me gently.

It wasn’t pretty, but I did it.

And NOW I feel great!

I hate bad metaphors, especially when they’re sorta right


Marriage is weird.  I’m completely comfortable admitting that as I’ve been contractually obligated to love my husband even when I don’t really like him that much for going on 9 years now, and don’t regret a minute of it.

But let’s face it, it’s weird.

What other thing in our life would we devote so much time to enhancing and improving, no matter how miserable it makes us?

I once hear someone equate marriage to exercise.  The more effort you put in the better your results kind of a thing.  That person is wrong.  If I spent as much time obsessed about my marriage as I do Crossfit, my husband would smother, wilt and die.  He is fiercely independent and so am I, he would go crazy if I put that much “effort” into our relationship.

Then again, there are absolutely some commonalities there.

In the middle of a brutal WOD, especially one that has burpees in it, I freaking hate Crossfit.  I hate it with every fiber of my being.  I can not understand why I’m doing this to myself.  I’m telling myself I’m better than this, or not good enough for this, and wishing that it was just over already.  I might break down and cry.  I might swear that I’m going to quit.  I might never want to do it again.

Then somehow, I get through it.

And the next day I’m back for more.  Not because I am a glutton for punishment, but because I realize shortly after breaking through that barrier that those thoughts in my head in the thick of it were lies, and Crossfit truly makes me happy and better.

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship doesn’t need me to spell out the commonalities here.

My husband, regardless of his frequent near-death-because-I-almost-killed-him experiences, is a burpee.  Our marriage is, at times, that really hard WOD.

We made a promise to each other early on, and through everything have kept it.  We will never, ever fight without becoming a better couple for it.

Every fight has a reason.  Something started it.  Something triggered it.  There is growth to be had from that disagreement, a lesson to be learned, and a chance to be better communicators and a stronger couple as a result.

I haven’t killed him yet.  Here’s hoping with all the Crossfit I don’t Hulk out on him and break that promise.