DP Challenge- Riding the Hills of Cycling: A Haiku Series

The Ups and Downs Of Cycling

This week’s weekly writing challenge on wordpress is a Haiku challenge.  Check out the details here.

I was actually toying around with some cycling Haiku’s just last week, and with the addition of today’s super windy ride for inspiration, I have a series of five that I would love to submit for this challenge.

So here you go my readers, the artsy side of me.


Riding the Hills of Cycling:  A Haiku Series

Angry howling wind
Beating my face and legs
Turn my bike around

Pedaling uphill
Legs burning while climbing high
Air is sweeter here

Ride in a paceline
Like a well-oiled machine
Don’t fall off his wheel

Sun and a tailwind
Perfect day for cycling
Even spandex feels good

Don’t mock my tan lines
They are hard earned and well-loved
Trophy of Cycling