Taking applications. Sex faces required.

I’m used to getting strange looks from people.  Clearly, I have a tendency to speak my mind.  I also have the uncanny ability to fall up the stairs, knock myself unconscious when sitting down, twist my ankle while riding a roller coaster, or get attacked by wild dogs while crapping in a cornfield.

So yeah, I get a lot of “what the hell?” looks from people, and with good reason.  They don’t bother me.

However, one thing that does burn my biscuit a little is getting  judgmental “what in God’s name is that girl doing” looks when I’m doing something that maybe isn’t all that unusual.

Say for instance, a Crossfit style workout in a non-Crossfit gym.

Husband and I are traveling this weekend, and I have at least two workouts planned where we’re staying.  We’ve stayed at this resort before, and I know that is has one of the most fabulous fitness centers I’ve ever seen.  It most certainly rivals that of some of the Globo Gyms in my area.

During past trips I’ve done Crossfit style workouts in this gym involving burpees, double unders, dumbbell snatches and dumbbell squat cleans, push presses and more, and have always had a full audience of gawkers staring at me open mouthed and breathing heavy trying to figure out if I’m having a seizure or a really great workout.

Sometimes it irks me.

This time, I’m going to be prepared.

First off, I’m going to wear my favorite new workout T that says “Squats are like sex.  They only count when you go deep enough.”  I figure, it sets the stage for what’s to come.

I will begin by foam rolling my inner thighs while moaning and making sex faces, as after that nothing I do will be any weirder.

Beyond that, I don’t have anything truly special planned.

It might sound insane, but I really want to do 100 burpees for time.  The last time we did it there was a 10 minute cut off and I had only made it to 86 reps.  I want to know what my time is for the full 100 and then work on getting it under 10 minutes from there, as one of the Open WOD’s this year will inevitably have some sort of burpee madness that I want to be prepared for.

I also missed a really awesome “death by power cleans” WOD on my 1 year anniversary at the box, and really want a chance to take on that workout, so that is planned WOD #2.  I can’t remember if they have a bar there or if I will be doing them with dumbells, but either way, bring it on.

Stay tuned for the update on Monday, but methinks I might have to recruit a partner in crime to take pictures of my audience during this performance.

Any takers for the job?