I’m a Vanderkitten VIP for 2015!

Over a month ago I applied to be part of the Vanderkitten VIP team for 2015.

I’ll be honest with you kittens, I’m not sure what I was thinking.  Sure I’ve been having some awesome conversations with myself lately about getting back into racing, and my running and cycling is faster and more consistent than it’s ever been, but applying to be a sponsored athlete for 2015 might have been a *bit* of a stretch.

Until Sunday morning when I checked my email and saw this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.37.24 AM

Holy CRAP!  I’m in!!!

So check out just exactly how amazing this brand is:

Vanderkitten, “Clothing for women who kick ass”TM, was created to answer the demand for a compelling and empowering brand for women that goes against the “just add flowers” and the “shrink it and pink it” recipies that are so dominant in contemporary women’s active lifestyle apparel. In order to answer this call, we knew we had to be more than just people sitting in a cube penning your future. We had to become fully immersed in the culture of action sports and active lifestyle to develop the look and excitement that reflect what we see around us every day. This enables us to create a fantastic brand by directly creating a new path for women to live extraordinary lives; not settling for the ordinary.

Seriously?  Does it get any more “I am woman hear me roar” than that?  And I GET TO BE A PART OF IT FOR 2015!

I applied as a triathlete, but as I’m learning more about the program and how it works, it appears that there are many of us worldwide, and it’s really a support network for all different sports.

What this means for me from a training perspective is that I will need to work to shift my cardio in more a more specific swim/bike/run format.  I’ve already made the tweak this week to get my butt back in the pool, and will be doing 2x each discipline per week for the short term.  I’m going to continue with my weight training for the moment, but stay tuned as I’m sure there will be some fun changes and endless adventures as I plan my 2015 race season!

Also keep an eye out for some awesome race photos of me swimming, biking, and running with the kitteahs in 2015!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.37.08 AM

I’m a City Fit Girls Ambassador!

city fit girls ambassador

Can I just roar GIRL POWER and get a few “amen’s” out of the audience this morning?

I’ve got to say, in the women’s fitness community there are so many super cool and inspiring people out there to get involved with.  Recently, I got turned onto City Fit Girls, a Philly based company founded in 2013 by Takia McClendon & Kiera Smalls.  These girls rock.  Kiera has lost over 100 pounds to date, and her blog, website, and the City Fit Girls movement is inspiring thousands of women nationwide to get active and healthy.

And they want MEEEEEE helping them spread the word.  How freaking cool is that?

You can check out their awesome site, shop, and blog here, and if you’re local to Philadelphia be sure to stop in and check out their boot camp.

This is a quote from their site that pretty much sums up City Fit Girls perfectly, and I’m so honored to be a part of this great movement:

City Fit Girls is a network of women who inspire, uplift, encourage and motivate others to live healthy lifestyles at home, school, workplace or social settings. We are runners, moms, entrepreneurs, triathletes and more!


Stay tuned for upcoming events, news, and great content from City Fit Girls right here on the blog!

There’s a bag in this picture?

Yesterday Christmas Abbott, one of the most badass Crossfit chicks around, posted this pic on her Facebook page of her new Fitmark Bag.

Christmas Abbott

Now, I’m a straight girl but I’ve gotta tell ya, I didn’t even notice the bag.  I’ve got a serious lady boner for this woman, and I LOVE  that she is confident enough in her body to post a pic that has no airbrushing, no “corrections”, and nothing more than an Instagram filter on it.

Not only does she have arguably the greatest butt I’ve ever seen, her confidence that goes along with it makes me a huge fan.

Girl Crushes aka the Lady Boner

One of my good friends coined the term “lady boner” many years ago, and I’m borrowing it for today’s post as it very accurately describes how I feel about the women below.  Girl crush is just not a strong enough word for how much these ladies inspire me.

And since it’s a Monday after a long weekend of abusing my body, I could use the added inspiration.

So without further ado, here’s my current short list of girls who kick butt, and should give everyone out there looking for some inspiration their own version of a lady boner.

Kerri and Misty

5.  Kerri Walsh and Misty May Treanor

Ok, so I know this is actually two people.  But this dynamic duo really just ups the boner potential by 1000 when mentioned together.  Not only are they amazing athletes, three time Olympic gold medalists, and the reason men are willing to watch women’s volleyball, but they are amazing people, wives and mothers and I’ve loved watching them inspire time and time again.

Jennifer Garner

4.  Jennifer Garner

This girl won my heart back in 2000 playing Sydney Bristow in Alias.  If she were a boy I would have her children.  Her kick butt martial arts expert, half ballerina with perfectly straight haired children.  They would do push ups in the womb and probably come out pre programmed with kung fu.

Lolo Jones

3.  Lolo Jones

In 2008 Lolo was favored to win her event in Bejing at the Olympics, and instead took a hurdle to the gut and ate it, finishing 7th.  I watched from my couch yelling at the tv in frustration right along with her.  But this girl is one heck of a trooper.  She’s raced dozens of times since then, including again in the 2012 games placing fourth in the same event.  Not only that, but she has recently received notoriety as a Bobsledder, because that makes perfect sense?  But who cares?  This girl is fast, awesome, and an amazing athlete not only for her skill, but her ability to get up and keep going when life throws a “hurdle” in her way.  See what I did there?

Julie Foucher

2.  Julie Foucher

If you love Crossfit, you have at least one lady boner for a Crossfit Games athlete.  Julie is mine.  Not only is she a total and complete beast, but let’s be honest here, she’s hot.  No one should look that pretty half way through a WOD.  My favorite thing about Julie though, is that she’s such a REAL person.  I’ve followed her on facebook and her blog, and she has posted videos of when she first started Crossfit, and talked honestly about balancing her life with the Games and school.  I love that someone I admire so much has overcome so many of the same problems that each of us face daily.  I would say I want to be her when I grow up, but she’s 5 years younger than me so that doesn’t really work.

Ronda Rousey

1. Ronda Rousey

This girl kicks butt in ways that make boys cry.  She has navigated the PR of a predominantly male sport, and has dominated not only physically in the ring, but outside of it to become a media darling as well.  She is so smoking hot she could easily be one of the bikini girls holding the signs between rounds, but instead chooses to be the bad ass winning her remarkable 7-0 fights by beating the hell out of her opponents and pinning them in her famous arm bar, winning each of her professional fights by submission.  I watched an announcement this weekend that this first ever UFC Women’s World Champion is now going to be the first ever female coach on Season 18 of the Ultimate Fighter.  Talk about inspiring.  She can pin me any day.


WOD Love
The Friday Night Class Lovin the Pot O Shirts!

I love boys, but I am all about the girl power.  My favorite movies have a strong kick butt female, my favorite TV show of all time was “Alias.” Who didn’t love Jennifer Garner as kick ass Sydney Bristow CIA agent?  For real life examples, I am most inspired by the ladies at my box.

How awesome are we?  Well,  about a month ago, WOD Love (a awesome women’s Crossfit clothing company) announced a “Pot of Shirts” contest in honor of St. Patty’s Day.  The rules were pretty simple, post on facebook why the girls at your box should win, and get the most posts and likes for your box and you get a surprise “pot o shirts” delivered to your gym.

Since I love free stuff almost as much as I love my fellow grunty, sweaty, girly compatriots, I shared the post immediately and was thrilled to see how many of us broke out our pom poms and pushed everyone to participate.

On Friday, we found out we WON the Pot O Shirts!

Sadly, I wasn’t there Friday night for the announcement (one downside to coming at 6 a.m.), but it’s safe to say that everyone was so excited!

Winning the shirts is very cool, but seeing our community come together this way is even better.

Friday was also the day that our box officially did 13.1, and if I hadn’t drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid before that moment, I sure as heck did then.  There aren’t words for how much support, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration I see in everyone around me.  My fellow athletes inspire me to be better, and I only hope I give back to them as much as they give me every day.

Oh, and the guys are awesome too.  🙂