Spicy Treadmill Hill Interval Workout

hamster wheel

Today I’m suffering from one heck of a sunburn after a charity ride this weekend.  Now that all my northern followers want to punch me in the face, I will continue to complain because I need to get in a little run today, which means doing it in the treadmill.  If there’s snow and ice where you live, my bet is you’ve become more than a little familiar with this torture device over the winter months.

If you’re like me, you might refer to these as “dreadmill” workouts.  I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t love running on my own personal hamster wheel at the gym.

To keep it spicy and interesting, I love this thirty minute hill interval workout below.  I’ve added in my own personal (and oh so eclectic) playlist based on the beats per minute that will match my running stride.

Feel free to use it, and if you don’t like the song suggestion check out this website to find another with the same beats to keep your heart rate up and your legs moving.  I’ve included songs from every different genre out there, so hopefully there’s something you love, and maybe even new inspiration for your playlist!

For the workout, the effort is based on an RPE, or a rate of perceived exertion.  This is based on a scale of 1-10, 1 being an easy peasy stroll through the mall and 10 being a level of effort you couldn’t hold for more than a few seconds.  You’ll notice I ramp it up and hit all the way up to an RPE of 9, so while puke isn’t eminent, it is possible.

I didn’t include the speed, as we’re all different at what pace we run (read slow as shit here), so  use the RPE as your guide, and be sure to use the incline to really give your legs and heart a spicy little workout.

Once you’ve given it a try, don’t forget to let me know what you think!  Leave  a comment, a favorite workout song, or post your own boredom busting treadmill routine for me to try.  I’m always looking fun new ways to shake it up!







Warm Up RPE 2

1%-3% (Increase 1% each minute during the warm up)

Maroon 5- Maps


Jog RPE 5


Jeremiah- Down on Me


Hill Run RPE 8


Taylor Swift-Shake it Off


Jog RPE 5


T-Pain- Church


Recovery RPE 3


Meghan Trainor- All About that Bass


Hill Walk RPE 7


Luke Bryan- Country Girl Shake it For Me


Hill Run RPE 9


Slipknot- Wait and Bleed


Hill Walk RPE 6


The Who- Baba O’Reiley


Cool Down


Kelly Clarkson- Stronger

The treadmill workout that won’t make you wish for a power outage

At one time I actually contemplated sitting in the steam room until I passed out unconscious and drooling to get out of having to get on the treadmill at the gym.  But then my excessively imaginative brain decided to paint pictures of what my withered shriveled body would look like if no one found me for days and I died in there, so I promptly decided against it.

But just the fact that I was willing to risk death to get out of a treadmill workout kinda showed me that maybe my boring 30 minute steady state sessions needed a little spicing up.

Enter in my current coach, and her awesome interval workout that I’ve done every Wednesday for the past month.  I can honestly say, this one is SO MUCH FUN and has a ton of variety, so I don’t ever find myself getting bored or wishing for a power outage so that damn belt will stop moving.

Check it out:

5 minute warm up:  Begin walking at a comfortable pace and every minute increase your pace by .1 and your incline by 1%

Minute 5: Increase incline to 6%, increase pace to brisk walk
Minute 6: Incline at 6%, jog 1 minute
Minute 7: Incline at 6%, brisk walk

Minute 8: Increase incline to 8%, maintain brisk walk pace
Minute 9: Incline at 8%, jog 1 minute
Minute 10: Incline at 8%, brisk walk

Minute 11: Increase incline to 6%, increase pace to brisk walk
Minute 12: Incline at 6%, jog 1 minute
Minute 13: Incline at 6%, brisk walk

Minute 14-15:  Incline at 2%, recovery walk

REPEAT minutes 5-15

Cool down 5 minutes with gradually decreasing incline and pace (1% and .1 on pace every minute for 5 minutes).

Voila!  So pop in your headphones, blast a great playlist and give it a go.  Be sure to let me know what you think!

Here’s a bit of brilliant advice for you

If you stub your toe so hard that you see spots, unicorns, and penguins dancing in your vision, and let loose a string of curse words that may or may not even have been invented yet, it is likely not a good idea to put a band aid on it and just go to the gym.

Especially if it’s a day where you plan to run hill intervals and do legs.

By the time I got home my ring toe (is that even a thing?) was as large as my big toe.  My shoe was literally full of toe.  Talk about a weird, and kinda painful sensation.

I mean sure, I was physically capable of getting through the workout.  But this isn’t the zombie-pocolypse kittens.  There’s no reason to run with a broken toe.  I don’t need the excuse to drink Vodka.  I do just fine on my own.