Ask and you shall… end up with a gypsy psychic?

Just tell me what you wannnnnttttttt.
Just tell me what you wannnnnttttttt.

“Don’t you always get your way?” McBeal asked this morning at Crossfit.

I’m not even sure what I had just got my way on, but I’m sure I had sold a line of crap to someone who bought it and here I was, getting called out on it.

Rather that feign offense, I decided to just tell the truth.

“Yeah, usually,” I admitted.

When I was a kid I would swear that I was like, psychic or something.  You know, before I knew what that meant.   I thought through my psychosis (yes, I swear) that I was able to control people’s thoughts and get them to give me what I want.

Extra cupcake?  Tell grandma how much you love her and can’t wait to chill with her in heaven.

Extended curfew?  Ask mom, but not when she’s at work and preferably after telling her I had just done an extra chore without being asked.

Job offer?  Yeah, I’ve been offered every position I’ve ever interviewed for that I’ve actually wanted.  I would love to claim that I have been qualified for each, but that would be untrue.

So how do I do it?

Two simple practices.  First, is applying my years and years of sales training.  I’ve mastered the art of persuasion, and helping folks to come to the conclusions that I want them to on their own.  I would say that’s a pretty fancy feat for 30.  I’m like one of those gypsy psychics they bring on Oprah who knows what you’re going to say before you say it because you’re going to say what I’m trying to make you say.

Or something.

But really, I more often it’s because I practice a fine art that I sometimes think has been lost through the ages.

I ask people for what I want.

*Gasp!*  The shock, the horror!

I realize that making direct requests is not in everyone’s comfort zone, but I would suggest this is one surefire technique to get what you ultimately want.  I tend to be super laid back about most things, but when I actually have an opinion I offer it, and when I actually want something, I ask for it.

So here is my challenge to you my readers, next time you want something, ask for it.  Make your case as to why it is a good idea, and then simply ask.  Every job I’ve been offered has been because I sold my skills well in the interview, and then asked when I could expect their phone call with my formal job offer.  Every extra cupcake I ever stuffed in my pie hole was from simply saying that I wanted one.

Just ask.  Nine times out of ten, it ends pretty well.

And for that other one time, I always have my psychosis.  Let me know if you need to borrow it.


Who says you can’t always get what you want?


I love it when things finally click.

I’ve been stuck on a work project for what feels like weeks, and after going round and round with it, this morning it came together with a huge BAM.  We were mid meeting, and suddenly, it just happened.  Every single person in the meeting knew when it did.  I got goosebumps.  Everyone just smiled, congratulated each other, and the meeting was over.  We were finally there, we had done what we set out to do.

This weekend I was struggling to meet a commitment I had made, when suddenly, inspiration struck and I knew how to get it all done in the limited time I had.  I knew just what to say and do, and everything worked out better than I could have hoped for.  I got everything I wanted out of the weekend, and kept my commitment that ended up being better than I imagined.

Sunday I was stressing about my training and nutrition for the week, so I took a moment to whip out a handy pen and paper and jot down what I have going on.  With vacation and a holiday, it could be a challenge to stay on track, but with some advanced planning, I knew I could make it click.  Within a few minutes I had a plan, and after some meal prep in the afternoon, everything clicked and I will have a whole weeks worth of $6 days.

One of many things I’ve learned, and re learned when I forgot it s that the key really is having a plan.  If I know what I want to accomplish, and know what it will take to get there, sometimes it’s just about waiting for inspiration to strike.

A mentor of mine once told me, “you can’t ever get to where you want to be if you don’t know where that is.”  Smart lady, right?

I love it when things come together just the way I want them to, because I am really good at identifying what it is that I actually want.

At the moment I really want a handsome shirtless cabana boy bringing me a fruity tequila beverage while I’m basking in the sun by the pool.  Oh right, it’s Monday.  It’s good to have goals, right?