Happy October!  This is my favorite month of the year for so many reasons.  It’s my birth-month.  The weather should start getting at least a bit cooler here.  Pumpkin cider is everywhere.  And when I used to live up north the leaves would be pretty.  So now I guess I get to see pictures of pretty leaves on facebook.

This month I’m going to add two new bits to my blog that I haven’t previously done, but want to keep me accountable.  First off, I’m going to set a goal for the minimum number of times I will attend Crossfit this month… drumroll please… 22!  This will give me weekends off (when I usually ride), and two other days during the month that I could opt out of going.

Additionally, I’m going to start blogging every Monday about my goal progress.  I set up my nifty page, so I don’t want these things that I want to achieve to go by the wayside.  I will weigh in (shudder), report weightloss, progress on my Crossfit skills, and also keep a tally of total number of workouts and miles on the bike.

Obviously, I kinda dig numbers and crossing things off lists.  This is a way to do both.  Sweet!

On to the workout.

Warm Up- the usual.  Went at 5:30 p.m. and it was hot and a large class.  Captain America was teaching, and I’m really starting to like this kids style.

Mobility:  T-spine with broomsticks and Traps/1st rip (ouch)

SWOD:  Push Jerk 5×3

This was FUN!  I can’t remember the last time we practiced push jerks, and I was surprised to find my body seemed to know just what to do.  I probably should have added on another 5 for the last set, but the coach said to keep it light and work on form, so I did.  As it got heavier I did notice that my instinct was to push press it and not drop so far back under the bar, so I focused on getting down and keeping my knees out and weight in my heels as I did.

WOD: For time

10 front squats
5 muscle ups (or 5 ring rows, 5 dips)
8 front squats
4 muscle ups
6 front squats
3 muscle ups
4 front squats
2 muscle ups
2 front squats
1 muscle up

Time: 4:43 @53 lbs with green band

Ok so, I went too light on the squats (should have done at least 63), and used too much band on the ring dips (should have used blue).

And I’m kicking myself a little about the band, because I’m pretty sure the last time we did ring dips I said the same thing.  Especially with such a low number of reps, this was just way too much assistance and it was simply too easy.

The squats admittedly weren’t “easy,” but I absolutely could have done more weight.  I did every set unbroken, and other than a little grunt on my 6th rep in my set of 6, my legs were fine.

Things to remember for next time.

Despite my sandbagging, this was a really fun workout.  I love watching our super athletes do their muscle ups.  That’s some impressive stuff right there.