What happens in Vegas…

I would absolutely love to update ya’ll on the past week, but sadly for you, I rang in the New Year in Vegas.

And you know what they say about Vegas.

So apparently, I can’t talk about it.

Or at least, I can’t talk about the “fun” parts of it.

Ok screw that, it isn’t how I roll.  Truth is, I have three opened suitcases laying on the floor in my living room with clothes spilling out of them, I can’t find half my toiletries, and my jet lag is pretty darn intense causing me to stay up until 3 a.m. and not wake up until 11 the past two days.

So basically, I’m all screwed up.

Once I get myself sorted out, however, I’ve got great stories including one about a UFC fight, the best Greek food I’ve ever eaten, some interesting folks we met at a blackjack table, and shopping!  Let’s just say there was a little blue bag from Tiffany’s that made its way home with me.

So stay tuned.  Lots of entertainment to come!

And Happy New Year to all!

It’s as romantic as two women punching eachother in the face


Which anniversary is the one where you’re supposed to give blood?

For hubs and I, it will be this one.  I mean, it won’t be MY blood.  Others will be sacrificing it in our honor.  We’ll be like, Roman emperors or something.  I’ll have to work on my accent.  And my toga.

But I digress.

I am officially the proud owner of two tickets to UFC 168 in VEGAS!   The fight is on December 28, which happens to be our wedding anniversary.  We have long wanted to go to Vegas for the New Year, and when the Weidman vs Silva and Rousey vs Tate fights were announced, it was the deciding factor.

How cool is my husband that, rather than buy me jewelry, I get sweat and combat.

I live a very charmed life.