Aligning my cha-cha-chakras

I do yoga every Wednesday.  If you’ve ever watched a walrus do yoga, you already have a mental picture of just how bad this is in your minds eye.  It’s not pretty kittens.  But my muscles need the yoga.  My brain really needs the yoga.

Apparently, my chakras need the yoga too.

Today during class, while holding a particularly difficult pose and panting and sweating and just generally questioning why-in-the-hell-am-I-doing-this-to-myself?! the instructor announced that our deep breathing in that pose was opening our creativity chakra.

I’m talking SECONDS later… BAM!

I’ve been struggling with an idea for months, and it was to the point that I was ready to simply throw in the towel and quit the project all together.  This week especially I’ve been trying everything in my power to have the ephiphany that I needed to move forward, but to no avail.

Until today.  I opened my chakra and suddenly my idea was reborn.

This is a game changer kids.  I’m so excited.

Any readers have a great moment this week you want to share?