Spicy Treadmill Hill Interval Workout

hamster wheel

Today I’m suffering from one heck of a sunburn after a charity ride this weekend.  Now that all my northern followers want to punch me in the face, I will continue to complain because I need to get in a little run today, which means doing it in the treadmill.  If there’s snow and ice where you live, my bet is you’ve become more than a little familiar with this torture device over the winter months.

If you’re like me, you might refer to these as “dreadmill” workouts.  I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t love running on my own personal hamster wheel at the gym.

To keep it spicy and interesting, I love this thirty minute hill interval workout below.  I’ve added in my own personal (and oh so eclectic) playlist based on the beats per minute that will match my running stride.

Feel free to use it, and if you don’t like the song suggestion check out this website to find another with the same beats to keep your heart rate up and your legs moving.  I’ve included songs from every different genre out there, so hopefully there’s something you love, and maybe even new inspiration for your playlist!

For the workout, the effort is based on an RPE, or a rate of perceived exertion.  This is based on a scale of 1-10, 1 being an easy peasy stroll through the mall and 10 being a level of effort you couldn’t hold for more than a few seconds.  You’ll notice I ramp it up and hit all the way up to an RPE of 9, so while puke isn’t eminent, it is possible.

I didn’t include the speed, as we’re all different at what pace we run (read slow as shit here), so  use the RPE as your guide, and be sure to use the incline to really give your legs and heart a spicy little workout.

Once you’ve given it a try, don’t forget to let me know what you think!  Leave  a comment, a favorite workout song, or post your own boredom busting treadmill routine for me to try.  I’m always looking fun new ways to shake it up!







Warm Up RPE 2

1%-3% (Increase 1% each minute during the warm up)

Maroon 5- Maps


Jog RPE 5


Jeremiah- Down on Me


Hill Run RPE 8


Taylor Swift-Shake it Off


Jog RPE 5


T-Pain- Church


Recovery RPE 3


Meghan Trainor- All About that Bass


Hill Walk RPE 7


Luke Bryan- Country Girl Shake it For Me


Hill Run RPE 9


Slipknot- Wait and Bleed


Hill Walk RPE 6


The Who- Baba O’Reiley


Cool Down


Kelly Clarkson- Stronger

Songs that aren’t “Thriller” to jam to tonight

It’s Halloween, and yes, it is totally appropriate to channel your inner MJ and dance around your living room while handing out candy.  But just in case you’re looking for a few ideas that aren’t your typical “Monster Mash” but are equally as creepy, check out my post over at Boozey today for 13 great ideas!

I even included links to the youtube videos to save you time!  You’re welcome.


A man who knows what he wants…

Here in Florida it’s really common to have live entertainment at dinner.  One of my favorite places is right on the water, so you can watch a great sunset while jamming out to some Jimmy Buffet tunes and scarfing down coconut shrimp.

Sounds like Heaven, right?

Hubs and I were at dinner the other night and I couldn’t help but notice a sweet little family a few tables over.  There was a little boy who couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 who listened politely to the musician during each song, and at the end clapped his hands in appreciation.  The mom was awesome at encouraging his great behavior, and as a causal observer it was cool to see her teach her son to appreciate music and be polite.

That is, until the guy on the guitar changed up the tunes a bit.

He played a stirring rendition of a country favorite around these parts, “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.”

Unlike before, after this number the little man literally couldn’t contain his excitement.  He jumped up in his high chair, and gave a standing, hooting, hollering ovation.

His mother was literally stunned speechless.

I about fell out of my chair laughing.  She’s in big trouble if he is already a man who knows that tequila is the way to any woman’s heart.

Sometimes it’s the little things

little things

I love Fridays.  I love mentally recapping my week, thinking about my successes, things I could have done better, and planning my weekend.

All in all, this was a pretty good week.  I really got back on track with nutrition, and made it to the box and gym a few times as well.  My inspiration and dedication to reaching my goals is back where I want it to be, and I can’t wait to carry the momentum through the weekend.

There are a few things this week that have absolutely rocked my Kasbah, so here’s my little shout out to what made my week even better.

The song “Latch” by Disclosure.
If I even considered being cranky or unmotivated I just put this song on and any trace of it disappeared.  This is my current happy song.  Download it.  Jam to it.  You’ll thank me.

Raspberries are in season.
They are my favorite berry, and they are super tasty and cheap at the grocery store right now.  Even better, I don’t HAVE to put them in a glass of wine to love them… though they ARE delicious that way too.

New underthings
I kind of went a little crazy last week and bought a bunch of new bras and panties.  It might seem silly, but knowing I have sexy lacy matching fun underthings on under my boring work clothes every day has put a little extra spring in my step.  And you’re welcome for that visual.

The community at my box
I say this all the time, but holy crap these people are awesome.  I needed help and motivation earlier this week and a number of people went above and beyond to help me find my way back.  I would mention them all, but I don’t have super awesome nicknames picked out yet, so instead I will just say thank you.

In addition to that, we really are kind of like family.  Super awesome girl coach and Pervy but we love him anyway coach are in Hawaii as we speak and about to get married.  I think we all feel like we’re there with them, and can’t wait to welcome them back as husband and wife.  Crossfit is just an amazing thing to be a part of, and I get all warm and tingly every time I think about how lucky I am.


So what about you guys?  What made your week great?  I would love to hear what “little things” made an impact on you.

Happy Friday kids!